The Joy Prescription Podcast


1. The Joy Prescription Podcast - Explore the Spiritual Significance of Caring for Your Body

Season 1, Ep. 1

Welcome to the very first episode of the Joy Prescription Podcast!

Explore the Spiritual Significance of Caring for the Body and Meet Your Hosts Cynthia Libert, M.D., Integrative Physician & Brooke Jack, Pastor.

Have you ever wondered why tending to your physical health matters? What if beginning a journey of healthy lifestyle transformation isn’t as complicated as you think?

Join me, Cynthia Libert, M.D., and Brooke Jack as we share spiritual insights around the concept of caring for your body, and equip you with action steps to begin transforming your life to achieve the vibrant and whole health you desire!

We cover several key topics, including:

  • The spiritual significance of caring for your body
  • The current disease epidemic
  • Gifts we can unwrap to transcend barriers to health and wholeness
  • 2 vital questions to ask yourself to drive lifestyle change
  • An introduction to Dr. Libert’s Joy Prescription Toolbox



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