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  • 14. A deep-dive into gemstone cuts! The brilliant cut, the princess cut, the asscher cut and the antique cut diamonds

    Many of you have requested this episode! And all I can say is - welcome to the beautiful world of gemstone cuts. It is actually the cut that turns a stone into a gemstone! It is the cut that makes it beautiful, and what makes us want to wear the stone in a piece of jewelry. There are two things that happen when you cut a gemstone: The first is that it gets a shape - round, square, pear shaped etc. The second thing is that the stone starts to reflect light - I call it the sparkle factor! And there can be a massive difference in the sparkle factor between stones with similar shape, for example between two round stones - which is why have so many different gemstone cuts! If you think this sounds exciting, then you need to listen to today's episode!In this episode you will learn:The pros and cons of the most popular gemstone cuts What cut you should choose if you want a really glamorous gemstoneWhat cut that is the most common one in the world What cut that makes any stone sparkle the most! What cut you should avoid for stones that aren't of the highest quality What cut that looks relatively small - but still is quite expensiveWhich gemstones that probably are the most environmentally friendly - and that have a subtle, beautiful vintage glow! I hope you will find this episode valuable!The cuts we talk about in this episode: The Brilliant Cut The Princess Cut The Asscher CutThe Old European Cut (Antique cut diamond)The Old Mine Cut (Antique cut diamond)Enjoy! And don't forget: you deserve fine jewelry. Find a close-up of the cuts we talk about in this episode on The Jewelry Podcast's instagram!

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  • 13. They put Scandinavian jewelry on the map - Charlotte & Pernille from The Jewellery Room

    I'm more than excited to have these two cool, Danish sisters on the show!Pernille Møbjerg and Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry set up their company The Jewellery Room in 2013, after having both worked successfully with jewellery PR for many years. It started as a two-day jewellery fair on Copenhagen Fashion Week, where they gathered press from all over the world to meet with the biggest names on the Scandinavian jewelry scene. But then the pandemic hit - and the sisters transformed their business into the sales of jewellery, still working with the same brands as before. Today, The Jewellery Room has evolved into one of the largest online market places for Scandinavian jewelry, and for many brands, they are the window to the customers. In this episode we talk about their mission with The Jewellery Room, their personal career stories, why they love jewellery, how they look at the old stigmas surrounding fine jewelry purchases and how they strive to make it fun and easy. We talk about jewelry trends, what jewelry they think belong in a capsule jewelry wardrobe and the future of fine jewelry! Enjoy!The Jewellery Room@TheJewelleryRoomYou can listen to this episode on Spotify, iTunes and Acast. You can join in the conversation on @jewelrypodcast. This episode is also published on the Swedish sister podcast Smyckespodden (episode 39). The Jewellery Room's mission: The Jewellery Room exists to shake up the jewellery industry for the better. We don’t wait for change – we make it. The Jewellery Room is the leading marketplace for discovering and shopping unique designer jewellery. This is where you'll find your dream pieces from talented but often overlooked designers of the world.
  • 12. The 7 Cardinal Sins of Jewelry Shopping (And How To Avoid Them)

    Can you love every single piece of jewelry that you buy? Is it possible to avoid having “anxiety pieces” in your jewelry box that you never use? The last thing you want is your new jewelry purchases to end up in the drawer or on your bedside table causing anxiety every time you see them. But can it be avoided?We did a non-statistical market research with you - the listeners - and came to the conclusion that these are the seven most common mistakes when you buy fine jewelry:Mistake # 1:Not knowing what you are buyingMistake # 2:Not knowing your style and tasteMistake # 3:Not allowing your style to evolve over timeMistake # 4:Buying jewelry of poor qualityMistake # 5:Caring too much about what other people thinkMistake # 6:Not having a planMistake # 7:Sticking too hard to the plan!My best tip for you who are just entering into this sparkling word of fine jewelry is simply: Start small. Start wearing jewelry. Do not put all your eggs (money) in the same basket (into one piece of expensive jewelry) in the beginning. Start with something small, e.g. a small diamond ring and start wearing it! Slowly but steadily you will find your personal taste!The worst thing you can do for your own jewelry development is not to wear any jewelry at all, because then you know for sure that you will never find what you like.Enjoy!And don't forget: you deserve fine jewelry.
  • 11. The Diamond Episode! Everything you need to know about diamonds

    Today we will sort out everything you need to know about diamonds! In this episode, we will go through:The 4 C’s of DiamondsWhat conflict diamonds (also called blood diamonds) are and if you have to worry about these today What GIA is and how it became an authority within the international diamond trade If you always need a Diamond CertificateThe difference between the color grades Wesselton and Top Wesselton...and much more!I have chosen to name this episode “THE Diamond Episode” (spoiler alert - it is an intense one), and I hope that it is one of those episodes you will return to over and over again. Because when you have learnt the rules of a perfect diamond, you can throw out the rulebook and find the best diamond for you. That is to me the best part about diamonds! You will find your own perfect one!Enjoy!And don't forget to give our show a rating if you have thirty spare seconds and think that the show deserves it! :) And remember: you deserve fine jewelry. The four C's of diamonds The 4 Cs denote four different quality aspects of a diamond and determine the price of a specific stone - it also explains why there are such massive differences in prices between stones of the same size. The four Cs are: Colour - the degree of colourless (the less colour a diamond has, the more valuable it is)Carat - the size (1 CT = 0,2 gram) Clarity - how flawless its crystal is Cut - how well it has been cut and thus, emit sparkle and brilliance 
  • 10. My Life as a Jewelry Designer: How I became a designer

    Can everyone be a designer? Yes! Today I share my secrets to how I became a jewelry designer and why I think everyone can become one. I will also share tips & tricks to how you can go about designing your life. Do you dream about being a designer? I think designing is like writing a recipe. And you don't need to be good in sketching! Are you a creative soul? Please share your design process with me by sending me a DM to @jewelrypodcast on instagram. Enjoy!And don't forget: you deserve fine jewelry.
  • 9. How to take care of your fine jewelry and gemstones

    The million dollar question that doesn't really have one straight answer. Because giving the same care advice for all your fine jewelry is kind of like trying to give general washing advice for all types of clothes. You can’t treat an opal and a ruby the same way - the same way you can’t treat your silk delicates the same way you treat your vintage Levi's 501. But after listening to this episode, you will be one step closer to knowing how to care for most pretty jewels in your jewelry box!Enjoy!And remember: you deserve fine jewelry.
  • 8. THE Color Episode! How to add colored gemstones to your jewelry collection?

    A fully loaded, wonderful episode! How to choose the color of your gemstones so that they harmoniously match your other jewelry and your wardrobe?Today we will talk about:what colors to pick when choosing a gemstonehow you can add color to your jewelry collection and still maintain a cohesive feelwhat you can do to ensure that the colored gemstones don't take over completely and overshadow the rest of your jewelryI finish off with my 4 best, quick tips for adding color to your jewelry collection! If you want to share your color journey with me, please write to me on instagram @thejewellerydesigner or @jewelrypodcast. Enjoy! And don't forget: you deserve fine jewelry.