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Welcome to the Jamming! Fanzine podcast. In late 1977, as a schoolkid in South London inspired by the DIY culture of punk, I started a music ‘zine. Over the following decade, Jamming! would grow to become a major fanzine and eventually a national monthly magazine. And now there is a full colour book collecting together what we have called ‘The Best of Jamming!: Selections and Stories from the Fanzine That Grew Up 1977-86.'

For the Jamming! Fanzine podcast, I am hosting conversations with former contributors, photographers, musicians, scenesters and school-friends, and seeing if we can’t, through the rose-tinted glasses of history, offer some sort of perspective on the heady days of that heavyweight decade. Guests so far have included Mark Bedford, Guy Pratt, Buddy Ascott, Joly MacFie, Janine Booth, and Alan McGee among others.

The Jamming! Fanzine Podcast drops every other Thursday, unless we are late to the proverbial printers or otherwise distracted. Hit subscribe now and we’ll see you on the podcast stand.

The Best of Jamming!: Selections and Stories from the Fanzine That Grew Up 1977-86 is published by Omnibus Press and comes complete with reproduced interviews, articles, photographs and cartoons, includes fresh recollections from those who were part of the Jamming! story, and has a foreword by Billy Bragg.

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Tony Fletcher is the author of ten books including several best selling biographies, a memoir, a novel and more. Born in 1964, he started producing Jamming! at school in London during the punk rock explosion of 1977. He moved to New York in the late 1980s and has written for a multitude of publications and appeared on and/or produced TV, radio and podcast shows.