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#12: Managing the macroeconomy and COVID-19 - Prof. Michael McMahon (Oxford)

Season 2, Ep. 1

In this episode I am joined by Prof. Michael McMahon of the University of Oxford. Prof. McMahon is also a member of Ireland’s Fiscal Advisory Council. We had arranged this discussion some time ago before the COVID19 outbreak, with the original plan to cover the fiscal and monetary tools used to manage the economy. However, given recent developments we also discuss the response to COVID-19 (this episode was recorded on 30th of March 2020).

Hopefully we can fill in the gaps when it comes to understanding the various policy levers before going on to discuss their role in managing the current crisis.

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#18: Artificial Intelligence - Jonathan Ruane (MIT)

Season 2, Ep. 6
This week we have a departure from the usual COVID related topics. In this episode I am joined by Jonathan Ruane, a Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and adjunct at TCD.Jonathan and I discuss the impact Artificial intelligence may have on the global economy. We go through the disruptive technologies of AI and machine learning, introduce them for those unfamiliar and discuss how these technologies may develop. This is something I find fascinating myself as projections range from something akin to science fiction right up to something similar to disruptive technologies that we have seen already such as the Model T or the internet.We delve into how these technologies might affect the economy and even veer off into related discussions about a just transition and universal basic income.This episode was recorded many months ago in a pre-COVID world. I met Jonathan in Dublin over the Christmas break before social distancing was part of our vocabulary.If you enjoyed this or any other episode, please give us a rating on apple podcasts. You can scroll down now while reading and hit five stars if you have an iPhone. Reviews are really heavily weighted on the apple chart algorithm I’ve come to realise - we always seem to climb the charts when we get a few reviews! So thanks to all who have given us five stars to date. It really means a lot.If you would like to support: