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#33: Water Economics & Water Charges - Dr. David Zetland (Leiden University)

Season 2, Ep. 21

I am joined by Dr. David Zetland – David is a lecturer at Leiden University and an expert on the political economy of water management. We discuss the economics behind water management and how politics can get in the way. We discuss the economics and politics surrounding water charging throughout the British Isles and discuss the ongoing Irish water charge saga.

David is a great speaker and this is a topic I really enjoyed. I’d recommend you check out David’s podcast called jive talking ( where he discusses these topics and others in greater detail.

David also has a book and other relevant online material that may be of interest:

1) The struggle for residential water metering in England and Wales

2) David's book (free to D/L)

Living with Water Scarcity

3) Citizen regulators

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