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#30: The 2008 Financial Crisis and Central Banking - Prof. Patrick Honohan (TCD)

Season 2, Ep. 18

Hello and welcome everyone to a special week for the podcast! We have a change in name to "At the Margin" – same great podcast, new great name!

this week we have a very special double bill. In this first part we welcome Prof. Patrick Honohan, honorary professor of economics at Trinity College Dublin. Prof. Honohan has held many positions, most notably as governor of the Irish Central Bank during the financial crisis of 2008. He has also held positions at the ESRI, the World Bank and as economic advisor to Garret FitzGerald. We discuss the role of Central Banks, the financial crisis from his perspective and Prof. Honohan gives his view on financial regulation into the future

Prof. Honohan has recently published a book entitled "Currency, Credit and Crisis" which discusses much of the material covered in the episode in greater detail. It is highly recommended:

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