Irish Economics Podcast


#21: So you want to be an economist?

Season 2, Ep. 9

We cover:

1) Why become an economist

2) Common pathways to becoming an economist

3) A recommended approach to studying economics

4) Career options and some factors that determine what role is suitable for you

5) Navigating a PhD

My thanks to - Prof John FizGerald; Prof. Edgar Morgenroth, Prof. Liam Delaney, Dr. Darragh Flannery, Dr. Muireann Lynch, Dr. Jacquelyn Pless, Gerard Brady, Dara Doyle and everyone else who gave me comments and suggestions online and in general chat over the past few days.

I hope I have mentioned everyone but if not, thank you. I hope to update in future this incorporate any new information so if you have any comments please do get in touch

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