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The Power Of Two: The Improvised Duo - Part One

Season 1, Ep. 22

Two person shows have been a growing trend in improv and with the release of a three part Netflix special from improvisers Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz, there is a now a mainstream spotlight on improvised duos. Despite theatres being closed right now, people around the world are talking about and forming opinions on what an improvised two person show can be. This is the first of two episodes looking at what is special about having just two people performing the whole show.

Check out these online links for shows, books and online pages this episode’s contributors have. Right now is a great time to be supporting artists!

David Pasquesi (TJ and Dave)

The TJ and Dave Vimeo series:

The TJ and Dave book:

You can follow him here on Twitter: @DPasquesi

And here on Insta: @DPasquesi

Scott Adsit and John Lutz did this incredible set at Just For Laughs festival in 2013. See the whole thing here: 

Also, check out this hilarious clip of Scott Adsit and Christina Gausas in their two person show: 

Check out this wonderful set from The Boys (Susan Messing and Rachael Mason) - 

You can see Kornfeld and Andrews, every Sunday night on the Magnet Theatre's live stream: 

Derek’s Mojo have a Facebook page with some pretty cool videos on them. Watch the videos and be sure to like the page too. 

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