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The First Signs Of Live

Season 1, Ep. 25

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Very gradually, one or two improv venues are tentatively opening up their doors again. As some countries feel they have flattened the curve on the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, steps are being taken to open venues while, at the same time, trying to keep people safe. So what sort of journey are improv groups and venues undergoing in order to perform again? This episode tells three different stories from around the world - one from the One from China, one from The Netherlands and one from the USA.


Will Luera - check out shows at Florida Studio Theatre here:

Stacey Smith - see the Boom Chicago "Shot of Improv" show live online here:

Take an online comedy writing show with Stacey here:

Jay Wang - check out Beijing Improv here:

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Physicality in improv - usually a rich topic but how do we address it when we are improvising online in little boxes?Love this podcast? Help it keep going here: episode features:Ramita Menon: - @ramitamenonCurrently Ramita is offering online one to one yoga and creative movement sessions . And facilitating improv sessions with Kaivalya Plays who have an upcoming Harold long-form show on 13th September - details on Raitt:David Raitt has nearly 25 years experience in improv performance and teaching. He is an alumnus of The Second City Canadian National Touring Company and Mainstage ensemble, was on the Training Centre's Education faculty for 17 years, and is a senior member of the Oakville Improv Theatre Company. He teaches specialty workshops in physical improv skills, and curates a website of exercises and articles for environment, object work, and physicality in character and performance. His first book "The Improv Illusionist" is currently seeking publication. For updates and his email newsletter, visit https://ImprovIllusionist.comLiz Peters:Liz Peters is an award-nominated performer who has spent the last decade helping people feel relaxed and playful in the spotlight.She teaches improvisation around the world and works with organisations and individuals to improve human communication; both in how we connect and collaborate with each other and how we deliver in front of an audience. A regular contributor on leadership programmes, Liz helps build presence and agility in the change-makers of tomorrow, and has brought her innovative approach to communication training into countless organisations, from social enterprises to global corporations.Liz’s book “Own It”UK link: link: No-Show:The absurd and unpredictable improv/sketch duo of@IsaacKesslerand@TheKenHallSee Ken in “The Umbrella Academy” on NetflixFollow them on Facebook here: on Instagram here:

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