The Hut Near The Bog


Ger Hough, the most creative publican in Ireland

Season 1, Ep. 14

J.J. Houghs Singing Pub in Banagher, Co. Offaly is a legend among Irish pubs. Indeed, it has long held this status due to the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of its owners - the Hough family. From artists to actors to musicians and lecturers the Houghs are truly a talented bunch. This is no less true of the second eldest and current proprietor of the pub - Ger Hough. Through his creative exploits Ger has produced various short films which have gone viral on social media and regularly feature on national media in Ireland and abroad.

In this episode Sheila sits down with Ger to discuss a range of topics including the history of the pub, his use of social media to create an online mythology; the difference between Irish publicans today and of yesteryear and the challenges he faces in the Covid era. In the final part, Ger shares his wisdom and recites one of his well-known monologues titled ‘The Fear’.    

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