The Hut Near The Bog


Dara Molloy, a (Celtic) spiritual guide for our time?

Season 1, Ep. 16

Dara Molloy is a truly fascinating individual. Along with the likes of John O’Donohue and John Philip Newell, Molloy is considered to be among one of the few experts on the subject of Celtic Spirituality. 

In this episode James sits down with Dara to discuss his spiritual journey from Roman Catholic priest in Dublin to Celtic priest, monk and druid on Inis Mor (the largest of the Aran Islands). They also discuss a number of topics explored in Dara’s upcoming book titled ‘Holy God – Journey from Belief in God to a Spirituality.’ These include, what Celtic spirituality is and how it differs from organised religion; how the dominant religions have misunderstood the notion of faith; and why monotheism and its globalisation is a root cause of the loss of both cultural diversity and biodiversity on the planet.

In the final part, Dara shares his personal wisdom and recommends that we explore the vast resources that can be found in the Celtic spiritual tradition.

Check out where you can pre-order Dara’s latest book ‘Holy God – Journey from Belief in God to a Spirituality’ and purchase his and Tess Harper’s other publications. 

Music credit: Amhrán Mhuínse / The Song of Muínis – Líadan

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