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Kolo Touré: Two time Premier League winner on building an unbeatable mindset (E249)

Step into the mind of a Premier League icon, in a conversation exploring self doubt, gaining respect, and coping with toxicity.

Kolo Touré, a stalwart of the Premier League, is not just a football player but a symbol of resilience and determination. With a career spanning top clubs including Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool, Toure's name is synonymous with grit, leadership, and unwavering commitment on the pitch.

In this episode, Kolo Touré joins Jake and Damian for a conversation blending reflection and insider insights into his football journey. From meeting Arsène Wenger for the first time, to reflecting on the “invincibles” era at Arsenal, Kolo shares insights into how one of the league’s most legendary teams was built.

Transitioning to Manchester City, he discusses the struggle of instilling a winning mentality at a new club. Despite setbacks, including a suspension for a substance abuse accusation, Kolo highlights how he persevered; returning alongside his brother Yaya to win the Premier League in dramatic fashion in 2012.

Kolo also discusses how when his career moved onto Liverpool, he faced new pressures and expectations. He shares how he embraced the challenge, and how eager he was to prove himself to the fans and his new team.

This episode encapsulates Kolo's remarkable journey; from exhilarating moments within some of the country’s most established clubs, to inspiring encounters with Arsène Wenger, and his biggest personal challenges and triumphs.

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    In this episode, we dive into the incredible journey of Michail Antonio, the West Ham United striker who rose from non-league football to European glory.After almost a decade at West Ham, Michail made history by becoming the club’s all-time top goalscorer in the Premier League. In this heart to heart conversation with Jake and Damian, Michail opens up about his time at West Ham, the constant speculation surrounding his future at the club, and the challenges he's faced in proving his worth season after season.As West Ham undergoes a transition with the departure of David Moyes and a focus on younger players, Michail openly reflects on the evolving dynamics, where the influx of younger talent signals a potential shift away from seasoned players like himself.Michail discloses how he fell in and out of love with football and his struggles with various mental health challenges, including the shocking reality of one of his lowest moments in the hours following West Ham’s Europa Conference League victory. Despite facing criticism and adversity, he maintains a resilient mindset, rooted in unwavering self-belief.From stepping onto the Premier League stage to the invaluable lessons learnt from his managers past and present, Michail offers us a raw and insightful glimpse into the highs and lows of a professional footballer in the modern era.For support on mental health, visit: Sleep: Click here: for £350 discount-