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Esteban Ocon: Protecting yourself from pressure (E245)

Sharing the experiences from his remarkable journey to F1, Esteban emphasises the significance of self-belief, respect, and attention to detail on the road to high performance.

Esteban Ocon is a French Formula 1 driver racing for the Alpine F1 Team, and is regarded as one of the most talented on the current grid. In this episode, Esteban shares the reality of racing from a young age and the astonishing sacrifices his family chose to make to support his dream.

Esteban reveals the pressure he was under throughout his youth and how his childhood was vastly different to his peers. His parents decided to sell their home and working garage to finance his career, in order to chase his dream of racing in Formula 1. He shares the impact this has had on him as an adult and the immense gratitude he has towards his parents today.

Reflecting on his rise through the ranks, Esteban opens up about the scrutiny and criticism he faced as a young driver. Rather than letting this impact him, he shares with Jake and Damian how he used this as motivation, transforming the negative feedback into inspiration. They discuss his 2019 hiatus from Formula 1 and the invaluable lessons he learnt during this time, observing the workings of the Mercedes team from the sidelines.

This episode is a deep dive into what achieving your dreams looks like, exploring teamwork, self-belief and why trust is so crucial.

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    In this episode, we dive into the incredible journey of Michail Antonio, the West Ham United striker who rose from non-league football to European glory.After almost a decade at West Ham, Michail made history by becoming the club’s all-time top goalscorer in the Premier League. In this heart to heart conversation with Jake and Damian, Michail opens up about his time at West Ham, the constant speculation surrounding his future at the club, and the challenges he's faced in proving his worth season after season.As West Ham undergoes a transition with the departure of David Moyes and a focus on younger players, Michail openly reflects on the evolving dynamics, where the influx of younger talent signals a potential shift away from seasoned players like himself.Michail discloses how he fell in and out of love with football and his struggles with various mental health challenges, including the shocking reality of one of his lowest moments in the hours following West Ham’s Europa Conference League victory. Despite facing criticism and adversity, he maintains a resilient mindset, rooted in unwavering self-belief.From stepping onto the Premier League stage to the invaluable lessons learnt from his managers past and present, Michail offers us a raw and insightful glimpse into the highs and lows of a professional footballer in the modern era.For support on mental health, visit: Sleep: Click here: for £350 discount-
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    In this captivating episode, business icon Richard Branson joins Jake to share his fascinating stories about life, leadership, and luck.-Sponsors:Eight Sleep: Click here: for £200 discount-British entrepreneur extraordinaire Richard Branson founded the Virgin Group in 1970, branching out from record retailing into multiple industries. Reflecting on significant moments throughout his life, Richard recalls the dramatic experience of an engine failure during a flight four decades ago, and how this changed his perspective on luck.He emphasises the importance of optimism and resilience, highlighting his own positive outlook and ability to bounce back from challenges. Touching on the years of the pandemic, Richard opens up about the reality of selling parts of his Virgin Galactic business in order to save jobs, and the personal criticism that followed.Discussing his relationship with dyslexia, Richard explains why he views it as a strength that helped him excel, and the importance of focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. He underscores the importance of delegation, the value of truly knowing your team, and fostering a fun work environment.Reflecting on his book, Richard offers insights into entrepreneurship, highlighting its potential to positively impact lives and address global issues. He urges aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace innovation, persistence, and believe in making the world better.In this absorbing conversation, Richard Branson’s wisdom and infectious enthusiasm shines through as we explore the resilience, optimism and determination behind one of Britain’s most celebrated entrepreneurs.
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  • Chris Williamson: Are we in a masculinity crisis? (E256)

    In this episode, Chris Williamson joins Jake and Damian to delve deep into the realms of connection and embracing authenticity.Chris Williamson is an English podcaster, YouTuber and former television personality; appearing on the first series of Love Island in 2015. Since 2018 he has hosted the highly regarded Modern Wisdom podcast, surpassing a staggering 400 million downloads.Chris boldly talks about fighting feelings of not being enough, showing how chasing success can sometimes mean giving up happiness. He chats openly about his childhood and upbringing, craving validation after growing up feeling lonely.Despite his success, Chris acknowledges his ongoing pursuit for self-improvement through journaling, meditation, and therapy; emphasising the importance of these exercises for continuous growth.From his podcasting success to his latest venture with ‘Neutonic’, a thoughtfully crafted productivity drink, Chris highlights the power of curiosity, consistency, and intentionalism. He shares the importance of defining our desires and taking action to fulfil them.-Sponsors:Eight Sleep: Click here: for £200 discount-This episode digs into the twists and turns of human connections, striving for real success, and finding out who we are.
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    Iconic ice dancing duo Torvill and Dean sit down with Jake and Damian to reflect on their illustrious career spanning over 50 years.Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean are a lengendary former British ice skating duo and 1984 Winter Olympics Champions. In this episode, they reflect on their early days, recalling the pivotal moment when they realised their potential as a duo. They highlight how their shared passion for skating and unwavering commitment to improvement bound them together for over five decades.Delving into their creative process, Torvill and Dean recount the discovery of ‘Bolero’, the routine that would later become iconic for their 1984 Olympic success. They emphasise the dedication and discipline required for success, the challenges they faced, and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their sport.Looking back on their illustrious careers, the pair reveal their decision to retire after 50 years on the ice. With wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of skating, they embrace the idea of leaving the stage on their own terms, ready to embark on new adventures.This conversation explores the insights behind Torvill and Dean’s dynamic partnership, and how they navigated tensions and dealt with failure to become two of Great Britain’s most celebrated Olympians.-Sponsors:Eight Sleep: Click here: for £200 discount-
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘You don’t need discipline if you find joy in what you do’ (E254)

    In this absorbing conversation, Jake sits down with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, delving into the renowned actor and former bodybuilder's remarkable journey to becoming a global icon.Arnold Schwarzenegger is an actor, businessman, former Governor of California, and legendary professional bodybuilder, among many more accolades. In this episode, Arnie opens up about his humble beginnings, confessing he never could have imagined the extraordinary path his life has taken. He shares the story of when he first visited London in 1966 as a 19 year old, to compete in the Mr. Universe competition, and reflects on how his life has transformed since. Arnold shares his unwavering belief in setting goals and passionately pursuing them, claiming he doesn’t need discipline, rather he is fueled by the pure joy of chasing goals.Arnold reflects on pivotal moments in his life and challenges he has encountered, from being labeled a narcissist by his father for his focus on physical appearance, to dealing with self-doubt whilst pursuing his wildest dreams. Throughout this, he emphasises the importance of having a clear vision, unwavering faith, and a supportive community. Arnold also acknowledges the contributions of others to his success, rejecting the idea of being a self-made man and highlighting the significance of building and maintaining a community.With his timeless wisdom and infectious optimism, Arnold inspires listeners to embrace their goals, cultivate resilience and work together towards creating a brighter future for generations to come.-Sponsors:Eight Sleep: Click here: for £200 discount-To listen to the audience Q&A with Arnold, download the High Performance App now:
  • Robin Sharma: YOUR 8 steps to true wealth (E253)

    In this episode, Jake sits down with Robin Sharma to uncover the depths of true wealth, exploring the eight hidden habits to live your richest life.Robin Sharma is an international author and speaker, renowned for his insights on personal development and leadership. Drawing on topics from his latest book, Robin discusses the eight forms of wealth, including health, personal growth, and relationships. He stresses the importance of prioritising holistic well-being over pursuing financial gain alone.Robin delves into the power of habits, and shares how forgiveness and continuous learning can cultivate a successful and meaningful life. He also introduces Jake to concepts like the "30-day challenge" and highlights the importance of dopamine detox to break free from digital distractions.Throughout the episode, Robin shares practical insights and anecdotes from his interactions with billionaires and entrepreneurs. He emphasises the value of helping others and being of service as essential to true fulfilment in life.This conversation offers a refreshing perspective on high performance and success, reminding us that true wealth encompasses more than financial prosperity.-Sponsors:Eight Sleep: Click here: for £200 discount-
  • Tom Walker: Why struggle is the price of success (E252)

    Welcoming the incredibly talented Scottish singer-songwriter Tom Walker to High Performance, sharing his journey from breakout success to navigating fame and self-care.In this episode, Tom Walker joins Jake and Damian to share insights into his life as a successful singer and songwriter. From the highs of winning the BRIT Awards to the lows of overworking himself into a breakdown, Tom opens up about the importance of setting boundaries, especially with management and labels. He recounts on the pivotal moments that shaped his career, from being inspired by ACDC at just nine years old to creating hit songs born out of personal loss and struggles.With two million albums sold worldwide, Tom doesn't shy away from discussing the challenges of fame, admitting his discomfort with TV appearances and selling his music. Yet, he offers practical advice on coping mechanisms and the importance of reaching out for support during tough times.As he discusses navigating through the challenges of COVID-19 and teasing his upcoming album, we gain a glimpse into the evolution of Tom Walker, both as an artist and as a person.This episode dives into the importance of self-care, setting boundaries, and seizing opportunities in order to navigate success and maintain mental well-being in the creative industry.-Sponsors:Eight Sleep: Click here: for £200 discount-
  • David Attenborough’s BBC Mammals Producers: What nature’s high performers can teach us (E251)

    For the first time ever, High Performance turns to the animal kingdom to unlock the secrets of mammals’ remarkable survival strategies.Jake and Damian are joined by the producers of BBC Earth’s “Mammals”, Roger Webb and Harry Lawrence; who share behind-the-scenes challenges and exciting moments from the development of the series. Roger, with 25+ years of experience in crafting mesmerising natural history content, and Harry, whose early career was shaped by the enthralling episodes of Mammals, bring a wealth of insights to the table.Roger and Harry recount their extraordinary interactions with legendary British Broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, highlighting his humility, passion for nature, and timeless energy. They share the valuable lessons they learned from Sir David, emphasising the importance of staying grounded and finding joy in their work.The producers also delve into why mammals dominate Earth and what humans can learn from their exceptional parenting and teamwork. We hear captivating tales from their wild filming experiences, and the important role of storytelling in connecting audiences with nature. Roger and Harry also provide a glimpse into how crews prepare meticulously to seize breathtaking moments with mammals without missing opportunities.This episode is an exciting exploration into wildlife filmmaking, packed with insights into the wonders of nature and the art of capturing it on camera.-Sponsors:Eight Sleep: Click here: for £200 discount-