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The High Performance Podcast brings you an intimate glimpse into the lives of high-achieving, world-class performers who have all excelled in their field with first-hand experiences and lessons to share. Find out what non-negotiable behaviours they emp...

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Damian reveals how Gareth has created a winning culture at England

    In this special episode, Jake and Damian reflect on England’s iconic Euro 2024 journey so far, revealing insights into the work Damian has conducted with the England team as part of their tournament preparations.Damian shares the details behind the conception of England’s penalty shootout ‘buddy’ system, highlighting how the support of other players was critical to creating a safe environment for each penalty taker to succeed.Using moments from our conversations with Ollie Watkins and Gareth Southgate, this episode explores the true mentality of the England squad and their attention to detail throughout their journey to International success.PartnersHuel 👉 Discover all 154 health benefits at 👉 offers and discounts through our other partners:https;//

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  • Dr Rahul Jandial: The Science Behind Bad Sleep & Dreaming (E271)

    Discover profound insights into the workings of the brain and how we can optimise its functions, with this conversation with neurosurgeon and neuroscientist Dr Rahul Jandial.In this episode, Rahul discusses the dynamic nature of the human brain, comparing neurons to floating jellyfish and highlighting our ever-changing emotional and behavioural states. He explains how understanding brain pathways can help manage anxiety, stress, and emotions, drawing parallels to the challenges faced by astronauts and athletes.Rahul reflects on his transformative experiences conducting hundreds of brain surgeries, revealing the beauty and complexity of our brains. He also shares how to reach the perfect flow state, where mastery and creativity blend seamlessly, allowing individuals to perform at their peak by trusting their instincts.Drawing from his extensive experience with patients, Rahul offers a unique perspective on resilience and high performance, urging us to see the brain as an evolving ecosystem capable of constant renewal.This episode provides a fascinating look into the brain's workings, and offers practical advice on achieving high performance and emotional regulation through understanding our most powerful organ.PartnersHuel 👉 Discover all 154 health benefits at 👉 offers and discounts through our other partners:https;//
  • Joleon Lescott Exclusive: From Near-Death Experience to Premier League Champion (E270)

    Jake and Damian welcome former footballer Joleon Lescott to High Performance, discussing the highs and lows of his career, the influential people in his life and the challenges he faced on and off the pitch.Joleon Lescott is best known for his time at clubs including Everton and Manchester City, contributing to City's Premier League triumphs in 2012 and 2014 and earning numerous caps for England.In this conversation, Joleon opens up about the resilience instilled in him by his parents and the intimidating environment of his early football years. He discusses growing up after a life-changing accident as a child and how football helped him to handle taunts about his scars.Moving to Manchester City, he talks about his initial reluctance to discuss the transfer and the feeling of stepping into a squad filled with top-tier players. He also recounts his mixed relationship with managers Mark Hughes and Roberto Mancini, and praises coach Glenn Hoddle for getting the best out of him as a player.Reflecting on Man City’s dramatic Premier League victory in 2012, Joleon expresses his happiness and gratitude in the moments that followed. He also addresses criticism faced by the club since he signed, emphasising the dedication and teamwork behind their success.This episode provides an unfiltered view to the challenges and triumphs of a Premier League and International footballer, highlighting the significance of perseverance and personal growth both on and off the field.PartnersHuel 👉 Discover all 154 health benefits at Sleep 👉 👉 offers and discounts through our other partners:https;//
  • Keir Starmer: Getting Personal with the New Prime Minister

    In this episode, we revisit a compelling conversation with the new Prime Minister, Sir Keir Starmer. We explore the man behind the politician, and what he’s learned about leadership throughout his careerReflecting on his journey from barrister to party leader, Keir opens up to Jake and Damian about his formative years, the challenges of his legal career, and the profound impact of his mother's resilience in his life.From his passion for football and lessons learned from following Arsenal, to navigating the adversarial world of politics and his vision for reform, Keir shares insights on leadership, decision-making, and staying true to our principles.PartnersHuel 👉 Discover all 154 health benefits at Sleep 👉 👉 offers and discounts through our other partners:https;//
  • Dr Chris Van Tulleken: Why We Crave Junk Food

    Renowned doctor, researcher and advocate, Chris Van Tulleken joins Jake and Damian for a candid conversation on the impact of ultra-processed foods on our mental and physical health. He shares his insights on how certain foods not only harm our bodies but also mess with our minds, leading to anxiety, depression, and a lack of control. He explains his own 30-day junk food experiment and its effects and describes the physical and mental toll of such diets, highlighting their effects on sleep, mood, and digestion.Chris expresses the urgent need for systemic changes, such as warning labels on food and removing financial ties between the food industry and government committees. He shares how his book ‘Ultra-Processed People’ aims to empower readers and spark a grassroots movement for better food policies. He offers practical advice for families looking to make healthier choices now, without waiting for policy changes. This episode encourages us to channel our frustration with the food system into activism and policy change to create a healthier future for everyone.PartnersHuel 👉 Discover all 154 health benefits at Sleep 👉 👉 offers and discounts through our other
  • Joe Hart: The truth about why I retired, and my love for Celtic (Part2)

    In part 2 of this episode, Joe Hart opens up to Jake and Damian about the challenging yet transformative period in his career when he moved to Torino. Despite facing setbacks and being sidelined at times, Joe emphasises the importance of staying present, enjoying both good and tough times and finding clarity in difficult situations. He also reflects on his stints at West Ham, Burnley, and Tottenham, and how those experiences shaped his perspective on football and life.Reflecting on his time at Celtic, Joe describes the joy of becoming central to a team again and the deep connection he feels with the club and its supporters.This episode highlights the importance of resilience and embracing both the highs and lows in one's career.PartnersHuel 👉 Discover all 154 health benefits at Sleep 👉 👉 offers and discounts through our other
  • Joe Hart: Leading from the back, how I overcame disappointment to retire at the top (E268 Part 1)

    In the first of this two-part episode, we welcome former England goalkeeper Joe Hart to High Performance, discussing his remarkable career and the mindset that has driven him to success.Best known for his time at Manchester City and the England national team, Joe is a multiple Premier League FA Cup winner, and has played in some of the most memorable matches of the 21st century.Joe discusses his time at Manchester City, including his relationships with teammates and the pivotal moments that defined his career. Joe also shares his perspective on being dropped by Pep Guardiola and how he dealt with the frustration of not fitting into the new vision for the club.Reflecting on his England career, Joe talks about the pride and the criticism he faced, especially after the 2016 tournament. He emphasises the unique pressures of being a goalkeeper and offers advice on handling setbacks and maintaining a strong mindset.This episode provides an in-depth look into the highs and lows of Joe Hart's career, revealing the determination and resilience that have made him one of English football’s standout goalkeepers.PartnersHuel 👉 Discover all 154 health benefits at Sleep 👉 👉 offers and discounts through our other