The Hep-cast


S2#4 Health equality: fighting for testing and treatment among migrant and refugee populations

Season 2, Ep. 4

“I never felt the need of sharing my story at work, because I don't know how much they know about hepatitis B, and the moment they know that hepatitis B is contagious they would judge me” says Sidney Vo, a hepatitis B advocate who found out she was living with hepatitis B when she was pregnant with her son in her home country of Vietnam in 2007. A year later, she moved to Australia to help fill the gap in their workforce in early childhood education. After a decade of living in the country Sidney applied for permanent residency, only to find she was met with barriers from the government. In the final episode of the Hep-cast series 2 , Sidney Vo joins Professor Maria Buti from Hospital General Universitari Valle Hebron, Barcelona, Professor Mohammad Ali from the National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh (NLFB) and Camila Picchio, a public health researcher from Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) to discuss the challenges and barriers to accessing testing in a traditional healthcare setting and key considerations that are needed to reach migrants and refugees populations.

The Hep-cast is a collaboration between the World Hepatitis Alliance and Gilead Sciences. The Hep-cast is fully funded by Gilead Sciences Europe Limited.

Job bag number: IHQ-UNB-2679

Date of preparation: September 2022

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