The Hep-cast


S1 #7 The Global Movement to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis

Season 1, Ep. 7

In this season's final episode, our panel discusses the power of the global hepatitis movement and their willingness to achieve the elimination of viral hepatitis as a public health threat, including how to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Our host, Dr Sarah Jarvis, is joined by Charles Gore, hepatitis advocate and founder of the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), Dr Su Wang, President of the WHA, Homie Razavi, MD of Center for Disease Analysis Foundation, and John Ward, Director of the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination at the Task Force for Global Health.

The Hep-cast is a collaboration between the World Hepatitis Alliance and Gilead Sciences. The Hep-cast is fully funded by Gilead Sciences Europe Limited.

Job bag number: IHQ-HCV-2020-12-0015

Date of preparation: September 2022

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