The Happy Baby Podcast


Ear Infections and Glue Ear

Season 1, Ep. 4

In this episode Frank talks about ear infections and glue ear. He explains why some children are more prone to ear infections, why they can become a recurring condition and what glue ear is. We also chat to Michael Power who is a Paediatric Audiologist. Michael explains how important a hearing test is for children with glue ear and the effects of glue ear on a child. For more information on ear infections and glue ear, follow us on Instagram @thehappybabypodcasy and @frankkelleherbabyosteopath

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Down Syndrome Centre Cork

Season 2, Ep. 13
When you are told that your new born baby has Down syndrome it is quite natural to experience a number of emotions at any given time, particularly during the first few weeks and months. For some parents it is one of shock as they have had no advance warning, for some it is disappointment that they were not handed the baby they anticipated and for others it’s a worry of what lies ahead. All these emotions are very common, however in time, parents come to realise that they have a tiny baby that requires the same love and attention as any other baby who has his/her own special little personality that will develop and inspire you over the years.Once parents have had time to enjoy their new baby and are ready to look for a little more support or meet other mums and dads for a coffee and to share experiences, then The Down Syndrome Centre Cork is there to help you.The Down Syndrome Centre on Forge Hill in Cork City was established in 2014 by a group of parents who could not find support or services for their children. Eight years later the centre provides vital intervention services to young children with Down syndrome and their families.The centre has a wonderful home-from-home atmosphere where families feel relaxed, and the children can thrive. It is so important to have a welcoming community where families can share their experiences and support each other.Show your support and follow @downsyndromecentrecork on Instagram and Facebook and if you can, get involved with their fundraising.#downsyndrome #downsyndromeawareness

The Daddy Sleep Consultant

Season 1, Ep. 12
Chris Mc Fadden is The Daddy Sleep Consultant and is the only male sleep consultant in Ireland and the UK. The Daddy Sleep Consultant® is a family run business operating at the gentle end of the sleep training spectrum. Chris and his wife Dani founded the business because a sleep consultant literally changed their family’s life! However, they wanted to do things a little differently. They offer UNLIMITED communication until your little one achieves their sleep goals and remain available months down the line for any questions you may have.  Chris and his team specialise in designing gentle sleep training programmes specific to your family and lifestyle for children from 5 months up to 4 years old. They also offer a free 15-minute call to discuss how they can help you all get better sleep in a matter of nights. Follow Chris on Instagram @thedaddysleepconsultant or head over to his website,,  for everything you need to know or to book an initial consultation call. The Happy Baby Podcast is hosted by Frank Kelleher. Frank is a Paediatric Osteopath with over 30 years’ experience in healthcare. He runs a very busy paediatric practice in Cork and wanted a way to give more parents information about the issues he treats every day. Issues like digestive upset in a newborn baby, the premature baby, colic and sleep for example.So, join us for a chat and if you like our podcast, remember to hit the SUBSCRIBE button! If you would like more information about our online course, see Online Course ( or our Instagram page Frank Kelleher (@frankkelleherbabyosteopath) • Instagram photos and videos