The Happy Baby Podcast


Understanding Dyslexia

Season 1, Ep. 9

In this episode of the Happy baby podcast, Frank is talking with Una Buckley from Blossom 4 Life about dyslexia. Una is a trained dyslexic tutor and assessor and works with students on a 1:1 providing tailored multi-sensory programmes. She is passionate about changing the experience of others who face similar challenges as she did.

Una describes herself as being severely dyslexic. Her own journey through education was a challenging and lonely one. She experienced anxiety and bullying and remembers spending hours doing her homework each night. Because of this, she is uniquely placed to understand the challenges faced by children with dyslexia.

In this episode Una talks about homework, different learning styles and gives us so many tips to improve a child’s learning environment and ability.

Una’s website has so much information for parents of children with dyslexia and is a valuable resource for information to help and support your child - Blossom4Life – Courage. Fearless. Illuminate

You can find Una at and on Instagram @blossom4life


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The Colic Chronicles

Season 1, Ep. 11
Welcome to The Happy Baby Podcast. This episode is about baby colic, a diagnosis that is often handed out to parents of a very distressed baby. We discuss what exactly colic is, what it’s often confused with and what you can do to help your baby.As always, you should discuss your concerns with the right medical practitioner before starting any treatment. Every baby is different.If you would like more information about our online course, see Online Course ( or our Instagram page Frank Kelleher (@frankkelleherbabyosteopath) • Instagram photos and videosThe Happy Baby PodcastAre you a parent of young children?Are you looking for good, practical, professional advice and information about you little ones?Then this podcast is for you!Frank Kelleher is a Paediatric Osteopath with over 30 years’ experience in healthcare. He runs a very busy paediatric practice in Cork and wanted a way to give more parents information about the issues he treats every day. Issues like digestive upset in a newborn baby, the premature baby, effects of delivery on the newborn baby for example.Frank will also invite guests to discuss some of the issues he treats and other conditions that commonly affect babies and children. In this first series we will be speaking to an Educational Psychologist, a Speech and Language Therapist and a Paediatric Physiotherapist.So, join us for a chat and if you like our podcast, remember to hit the SUBSCRIBE button!

Adam's Cloud

Season 1, Ep. 10
In Episode 10 Frank talks to Benji Bennett, author of the award-winning Adam’s Cloud books.Benji tells us his story and explains why he has written these beautiful books.When we tell children they are loved every day we teach them to both love and be loved. We reassure them, teach them empathy, and help them display emotion and affection and build confidence and lines of communication. From love comes love. From love comes respect for both parents, for themselves and people around them.Because of the powerful emotional connection made through reading combined with the positive bonding benefits that intimate one on one time has on children’s happiness from birth, Adam’s message simply encourages parents to spend 10 minutes reading with their children and telling them they love them each night before they go to sleep. Also, as Adam benefited hugely from regular adventures outdoors immersed in nature, another key ingredient to children’s happiness is regular family days out walking, climbing, playing or simply chatting together.“If you read to your children from the moment they are born, tell them you love them and take them for a walk as often as you can you are doing something right. The rest we just have to figure out as we go.” Benji Bennett.There are now 9 Adam’s Cloud books available to buy. These are truly beautiful books to read with your children and books your children will treasure.For more information about Adam’s Cloud and the amazing work Benji and Jackie Bennett do, see their website The Packs - Adam's Cloud ( or follow them on Instagram @adams­_cloud#newepisode #podcastsforparents #thehappybabypodcast #parenting #bedtime #children #lovetoread #adamscloud #applepodcasts #spotifypodcasts #childrensbooks #iloveyou #irishmammy #newirishmum #