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Alice and Lucy welcome guests to The Grief Sofa opening conversations surrounding grief and remembering those lost along the way.

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  • 9. S2 - Episode 9 - George

    In todays episode we speak with guest Jodie. Jodie's sister Georgia died by suicide 4 years ago whilst she was studing at university. We talk about the impact of losing a sibling, and the complications of losing someone to suicide. Jodie has gone on to do lots of work with charities, to help other people, help her own healing journey but, also to tell the world about her sister George, and spread 'George joy'. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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  • 8. S2 - Episode 8 - Jan

    On todays episode we are joined with Lee as we remember his Mum, Jan. We discuss what it was like for Lee losing his Mum in the early stages of the pandemic and how restrictions impacted his families griveing process and his Mums funeral. We also talk about special memories & what Lee does now to remember his Mum.
  • 7. S2 - Episode 7 - Grief in the workplace

    Join Alice & Lucy on this special edition episode all about grieving in the work place. We talk about returning to work after a bereavement and share our experiences (good & bad). We hope you enjoy.
  • 6. S2 - Episode 6 - Mary & John Riordan

    In todays episode we are joined with Meghan, founder of 'Grief is my side hustle' podcast. Meghan speaks of the loss of both of her parents and the impact of grief on the brain, from a pyschotherapists persective.
  • 5. S2 - Episode 5 - Joy

    In this weeks episode we are joined with guest Gary. We speak about his wife Joy, who died suddenly whilst Gary was away on business. He shares his journey of becoming a widow and single parenting. We discuss the importance of laughter and connection and finding love after loss.
  • 4. S2 - Episode 4 - Henry Jackaman

    In todays episode we are joined by Delana as we remember her boyfriend Henry. Delana shares with us the difficulties of grieving a partner loss in your 20's, how she connects with Henry through signs, symbols and mediums and tells us of the magic and happiness Henry bought into this world.
  • 3. S2 - Episode 3 - James Lemon

    This week we are joined by brilliant author and grief advocate Mark Lemon, as we remember his father James. Mark shares with us the tragic murder of his father, how he felt becoming a father without his father, and the grief waves that come along and knock him off his feet - even now, 29 years later. Mark is a brilliant reminder of how grief never goes away and how to cope with those difficult days. You can follow Mark on Instagram at @marklemonofficial