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The Grand Tourist with Dan Rubinstein

The Great Outdoors: The Post-Pandemic Garden

Many of us used our time during the pandemic to put our hands into the soil to do a bit of gardening. On this episode, Dan explores what to plant, how to adapt our yards to a changing climate, and why the meadow is hotter than ever with three experts: Clare Foster of House & Garden, former Martha Stewart Living features editor Melissa Ozawa, and award-winning landscape designer Luciano Giubbilei.

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  • 4. Kit Kemp: “I’m Frightened of Beige”

    Designing a successful hotel today is quite the undertaking, but designer and entrepreneur Kit Kemp does it all. On the eve of the opening of her third property in New York, Dan and the British talent discuss her upbringing in the English countryside, how she built her first hotel with no formal training in the ’80s, how she describes her unique and colorful sense of style, and more.
  • 3. Marcel Wanders: “We Are Fundamentally Poetic Beings”

    This Dutch designer has left an indelible mark on how we view the role of design in our lives. Through his ingenious housewares, elegant furniture, and playful interiors, he is part of a pantheon of talents that has ushered design into a more artful discipline. But his ideas and thoughts on what it all means are downright serious. On this episode Dan speaks with Wanders on his early career creating lamps for the Dutch postal service, how his famed Knotted Chair came to be, his new collection for Poliform, and more.
  • 2. Es Devlin: All the World’s a Stage

    Few can claim a client roster quite like artist and stage designer Es Devlin, including museums, fashion brands, theater companies, and the Olympics, to a list of rock stars like U2, Adele, and Lady Gaga. On this episode, Dan speaks with the British talent on her first monographic museum retrospective, taking place at New York’s Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, how she transitioned her work from stage to stadium and back again, the impact of emerging technologies on her portfolio, and most importantly . . . What is Beyoncé like?
  • 1. Tom Hollander: Bringing Truman Capote to Life

    On the season nine premiere, Dan speaks with British actor, Tom Hollander, who plays the infamous literary genius in the new TV series “Feud: Capote vs. the Swans.” Tom shares his memories of growing up in Oxford, getting a big break on “Absolutely Fabulous,” joining cinematic history in “Pride and Prejudice,” playing the murderous villain in smash hit “The White Lotus,” and how he explored the inner workings of a controversial figure during his epic downfall.
  • 12. Daniel Humm: “We’re Not Anti-Meat, but We Are Pro-Planet”

    As the genius chef behind New York’s Eleven Madison Park, Daniel Humm is at the forefront of fine dining culture. And in 2021, he shocked the food world when he turned the Michelin three-starred restaurant completely plant-based. On this episode, Dan and Daniel chat about his new book, “Eat More Plants: A Chef’s Journal,” how he started his career in cooking at the tender age of 14, what it was like emigrating to the United States, how he handled the criticism he faced when he put his beloved restaurant’s reputation on the line, and his thoughts on french fries.
  • 11. David Rockwell: Design’s Greatest Showman

    For four decades, this New York designer has changed the hotel game, turned restaurants into must-see destinations, impacted the daily life of cities, and brought a sense of style and ingenious spectacle to Broadway. On this episode, Dan speaks with the Tony Award–winning David Rockwell about his teenage years growing up in Mexico, some of his groundbreaking projects like the original Nobu, the state of American theater, the future of travel, and more.
  • Where Design Never Sleeps: New York

    It’s the city so well-designed, they named it twice: New York, New York. On this special episode sponsored by Ann Sacks, Dan speaks with four leading figures in his hometown’s design scene to explore the trends, movements, hotspots, and personalities that make Gotham the beating heart of the design world, including Alexandra Cunningham Cameron, a curator at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum; Oren and Tal Alexander, co-founders of real estate firm Official; David Alhadeff, founder of powerhouse gallery The Future Perfect; and Michael Diaz-Griffith, executive director of the Design Leadership Network.
  • 10. Jewelry’s New Guard: Emmanuel Tarpin, Jean Prounis

    There’s a new generation of jewelry designers that is bringing back artistry, narrative, and a sublime sense of luxury. On this episode (with some guidance from Levi Higgs, influencer and Head of Archives and Brand Heritage at David Webb), Dan speaks with two emerging talents: Emmanuel Tarpin, a French wunderkind known for turning his love of nature into one-of-a-kind, high jewelry pieces; and New Yorker Jean Prounis, whose eponymous line Prounis creates fine jewelry inspired by the natural world and her own family’s unique story.
  • 9. Massimiliano Locatelli: Milan’s Master of Daring Interiors

    Modernistic floating cubes placed in deconsecrated churches, marble stools shaped like plastic ones, and storage spaces retrofitted into stunning galleries: The creations of designer Massimiliano Locatelli are the epitome of Italian cool. On this episode, Dan speaks with the sharp-tongued architect about his stunning portfolio, and his new line of furniture created from a lifetime of wild experiences and extravagant clients.