cover art for Linda Wells: “Beauty is a Word I Find Difficult”

The Grand Tourist with Dan Rubinstein

Linda Wells: “Beauty is a Word I Find Difficult”

Season 10, Ep. 4

One of the most influential editors of her generation, Linda Wells transformed how we view the world of beauty and wellness. After decades at Allure magazine as its founding editor, she went on to launch a new label at Revlon, and she is now the editor of Air Mail Look, a beauty spin-off from the popular newsletter start-up from Graydon Carter. On this episode, Dan speaks with the enterprising journalist on her days as an assistant at Vogue, how she faced criticism and mansplaining when launching Allure, her thoughts about Ozempic, and much more.

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  • 9. Daphne Guinness: “Everything is About Taste”

    Through art, film, fashion, collecting, and now music, Daphne Guinness has been a creative force and industry muse second to none. On this season finale of The Grand Tourist, Dan speaks with Guinness about her new album “Sleep,” what it was like collaborating with legendary producer Tony Visconti, the unconventional summers of her youth with Salvador Dalí, her memories of Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, her thoughts on AI and the future of creativity, and more.
  • 8. Tyler Brûlé: The Editor Who Changed the Conversation

    For decades, this writer, editor, publisher, and tastemaker has been leaving an indelible mark on the worlds of design, fashion, travel, and media at large. As the founder of pivotal magazines Wallpaper and Monocle, Brûlé has forever altered the way we think about what’s good and proper. On this episode, Dan speaks with the Canadian expat about his early career in broadcast journalism, how he took bullets in Afghanistan, why his magazine avoids social media, and why his takes on culture and society always seem to hit the bull’s-eye.
  • Madame Clicquot: History’s Champagne Pioneer

    If you’ve ever popped open a bottle of champagne, you likely have one enterprising woman to thank, an entrepreneur who battled immense odds to build a legacy that would thrive for centuries to come. On this very special episode, sponsored by Veuve Clicquot, Dan steps back in time to investigate the remarkable life of a young, spirited widow in early-19th-century France through the eyes of designers, historians, winemakers, and experts. It’s a story that not only informs one of life’s great luxuries we take for granted today, but an inspiring tale about innovation, perseverance, and hope.
  • 7. Martin Brudnizki: Master of the Grand Fantasy

    London- and New York–based designer Martin Brudnizki has added a wonderful dose of whimsy, color, pattern, and sophistication to some of the best hotels, private clubs, restaurants, and private homes around the world. On this episode, Dan speaks with the Swedish expat on his breakthrough projects like The Ivy, whether or not the naturalized British citizen is a true monarchist, his fears of international beige, and his one bit of advice to any young designer.
  • 6. Murray Moss: The Radical Gallerist Who Transformed Design

    For years, one space in New York’s SoHo neighborhood was considered hallowed ground for lovers of design: Moss. It mixed high and low, introduced radical new talents to the industry, was beloved by the media, and changed the conversation and level of expectations forever. On this episode, Dan speaks with its founder, Murray Moss, on how it all happened, his first career in fashion, living with Parkinson’s, and the one thing he loves in his collection that’s absolutely worthless.
  • 5. Walton Ford: A Wildly Creative Life

    With the natural world as his muse, acclaimed painter Walton Ford brings wild tales to life in resplendent color and drama. Celebrating an expansive show of his studies at New York’s legendary Morgan Library & Museum, the artist speaks with Dan about his humble beginnings in the art world, getting discovered by the late Paul Kasmin, his frequent comparisons to John James Audubon, how he conceives his highly imaginative works, and why the legend of King Kong isn’t the story you think it is.
  • 3. Yabu Pushelberg: Building a Better Life

    Designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg of firm Yabu Pushelberg have helped define luxury interiors for decades, especially hotels. On this episode, the Toronto- and New York–based duo—who are partners in life as well as work—speak with Dan about how they got started, how their family experiences of hardship informed their outlook on their careers, how they manage their ultra-prolific office, their unique brand of “high humble” design, their growing portfolio of products, and more.
  • 2. Alex Prager: Finding Purpose in Photography

    Artist and filmmaker Alex Prager is one of the most exciting photographers of her generation. She creates dramatic and nostalgic works that embody the best of film and cinematic culture and that speak to universal themes of love, loss, fear, and transcendence. On this episode, Dan speaks with the self-taught dynamo (represented by Lehmann Maupin) about how she got started, her upcoming first feature film, and her heartfelt advice to anyone who’s ever thought about picking up a camera.