The Graham Norton Radio Show Podcast with Waitrose


Jimmy Doherty, Sir David Jason, Gareth Malone & DJ Spoony

Season 1

Happy Halloween and Happy Monday! It's a new week which means a new episode of The Graham Norton Radio Show Podcast with Waitrose!

This week:

Jimmy Doherty joins us in the studio to give us an insight of his new book, Jimmy’s Farm.


Sir David Jason has a new Christmas book, The Twelve Dels of Christmas


Gareth Malone is on tour, with Sing-a-Long Gareth 


And DJ Spoony tells us all about our very own Virgin Radio documentary, Story of The Four Aces Club in Hackney .


There’s a round of Guess The Guest.


And because it’s Halloween weekend, Show Chef Martha carves out a pumpkin and tells us what we can do with it… what a treat!

And Maria and Graham solve some Graham's Guide problems!

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