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  • 72. Pop Culture Round Up: Music Moments + Bravo Blunders

    It's time for another edition of the Pop Culture Round Up! In this month's recap, Chris covers the biggest moments in music -- from the stage at the Grammy's to the field of the Halftime show. Surprise drops from Taylor Swift and Beyonce, plus the Super Bowl note that had people confused online. Then, we dive deep into the latest drama around Bravo and it's notable host, Andy Cohen. Lawsuits from two former Housewives and explosive accusations are the topics that have people questioning the future of the Head Honcho turned talent. And Sandoval does it again, making comments so offensive that put his redemption storyline on the back burner. All of that and more is discussed on this month's Pop Culture Round Up! Listen! It’s Vetrano: http://listenitsvetrano.comTwitter: Instagram: TikTok:  YouTube: 

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  • 71. Chris + David Archuleta

    Chris welcomes the multiplatinum selling singer David Archuleta to the podcast this week. David shares his what it was like being named first runner-up on Season 7 of American Idol, where he won the hearts of millions. His debut single "Crush" debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and he shares how the song has impacted him over the years. And as he prepares for the release of memoir, David gives Chris insight to the stories he's working to tell -- from leaving the Mormon church behind to coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+. The conversation is a captivating tale of his incredible journey and career. An episode not to be missed. Listen! It’s Vetrano: http://listenitsvetrano.comTwitter: Instagram: TikTok:  YouTube: 
  • 70. The Traitors (w/ Gibson Johns)

    Chris welcomes 'Gabbing with Gib' host Gibson Johns to talk about their latest obsession, The Traitors. The pop culture lovers dissect the moments of this captivating season of the reality game show that has left us begging for more. They share their thoughts on the all-star cast, the deceitful moves the Traitors have made thus far, and predict the fate of the remaining Faithfuls. Be warned that there are spoilers in this deep dive episode, but will be enjoyed by those caught up on the game play thus far. Plus, Gibson shares his hot takes on the new season of Vanderpump Rules and they both react to the news that Kandi has departed the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Listen! It’s Vetrano: http://listenitsvetrano.comTwitter: Instagram: TikTok: YouTube: 
  • 69. Pop Culture Round Up: Jacob Elordi's Bathwater Edition

    Chris is joined by his husband Joe Feys and Real Housewives enthusiast Emily Vecchio to dive into the biggest pop culture moments of January. This dynamic trio dissect the jaw-dropping scenes from the latest buzzworthy movie, Saltburn, and react to Britney Spears' unexpected apology. Tune in to catch their thoughts on the latest tracks from Justin Timberlake and Ariana Grande, and get the lowdown on the Calvin Klein ads that left us exclaiming 'Yes, Chef!' Uncover the must-hear moments that ignited 2024 and make sure to hit follow for your regular dose of breaking pop culture news. Elevate your pop culture experience and join the conversation!Listen! It’s Vetrano: http://listenitsvetrano.comTwitter: Instagram: TikTok:  YouTube: 
  • 68. RHOSLC Reunion Recap

    Get ready for some serious tea! Join host Chris Vetrano this week as he dives deep into the explosive Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion. From receipts to screenshots, he's breaking it all down RHOSLC style! Plus, he reacts to the news that Monica won't be returning for a second season and where he thinks the show should go from here. Listen! It’s Vetrano: http://listenitsvetrano.comTwitter: Instagram: TikTok:  YouTube: 
  • 67. 24 Pop Culture Predictions for 2024

    On this week's show, Chris shares 24 predictions that will happen in pop culture this year. From whether Taylor Swift will continue to rule to the scandals that will shake us to the core. Who's reuniting, who's calling it quits, and who will make the headlines? Chris shares all his thoughts in this quick fire episode aimed to manifest and poke fun at the potential for the year ahead. Listen to the list and share your predictions in the comments. Listen! It’s Vetrano: http://listenitsvetrano.comTwitter: Instagram: TikTok:  YouTube: 
  • 66. Top 10 Pop Culture Moments of 2023

    It's time to countdown the biggest moments in pop culture from 2023! Before we wish the last year well and put it in our rearview, Chris walks through the ten moments that will live on long after. From the entertainment juggernauts that saved the economy (Britney, Taylor, and Barbie, oh my!) to the jaw-dropping moments that we still hear chatter of through the halls of 2024. Chris covers the biggest break ups, the viral moments that blew up our feeds and so much more. Tune in for the second annual year-end countdown and ring in 2024 with The Gist.Listen! It’s Vetrano: http://listenitsvetrano.comTwitter: Instagram: TikTok:  YouTube: