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  • 11. What is Influence? with Julianne Fraser

    It's safe to say we're all familiar with influencer marketing — we experience at least five #sponsored posts a day. But when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of authentic influence, we're a bit in the dark. Julianne Fraser, on the other hand, is an expert. Having worked in marketing her entire career, she founded Dialogue — a digital brand marketing consultancy dedicated to expanding the influence and growth of luxury and lifestyle brands — in 2017. She rebels against formulas in favor of meaningful and lasting relationships, and her unique approach has catapulted most, if not all, of today's biggest brands. In this episode, she and Farryn tackle the age-old elusive question of what is influence?

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  • 10. What Makes a Founder? with Steve Schlafman

    Many of us dream of being founders. We have our billion-dollar idea swimming around in our head, we can picture the brand we have yet to create, and we can taste the success we know we deserve. But only a few of us know how to be a founder. Steve Schlafman, certified coach, advisor, angel investor, and founder of High Output, a boutique leadership development company, is one of the rare few who know what it truly takes to be a founder, and he’s here to share the recipe. In this episode, he and Farryn unpack what it means to be a founder in the modern world, motivation, when to lean in, and the zone of genius.
  • 9. Why are we workaholics? with Dr. Elisa Hallerman

    We’re told to enjoy everything in moderation, but when it comes to structuring our work, our lives, our screen time, and our down time, we rarely succeed. Enter Dr. Elisa Hallerman. She holds a masters and doctorate in Depth Psychology and Somatic Studies, specializes in neuroscience and trauma, and founded the Recovery Management Agency, a consulting group that works with individuals and their families suffering from addiction, mental health issues, trauma, and chronic pain. In other words, she is the go-to for the modern issues of today. In this Episode she and Farryn dive into the why beneath workaholism, modern addiction, trauma, and what it means to be uncomfortable.
  • 8. Product vs. Narrative with Christian Larson

    It’s no secret that we all admire the art of storytelling. Christian Larson, on the other hand, lives it. An award-winning Swedish film and music video director, editor, photographer, and co-founder & creative director of menswear brand CDLP, he has a knack for bringing narratives to life. From directing ad campaigns for global brands like Cartier and Jimmy Choo to putting his signature rhythmical spin on Beyoncé & Jay-Z's concert film ON THE RUN, Christian has a unique lens when it comes to telling a story. In this episode, he and Farryn tackle the age-old question: what comes first, product or narrative?
  • 7. Happiness = Expectations - Reality with Poppy Jamie

    Perhaps you know Poppy Jamie from her time on MTV, ITV2, and Extra. Perhaps you know her from her namesake accessories brand Pop & Suki. Or perhaps, you know her as a mental wellness trailblazer rewriting what it means to be happy. Across her Not Perfect podcast and her Happy Not Perfect app and book, Poppy untangles the web of self-acceptance in a world of likes, scrolls, and shares. In this episode, Farryn and Poppy dig into everything from perceived perfection, separation of business and self, and the daunting vulnerability that comes with admitting we are human.
  • 6. The Service of Leadership with Bryan Myers

    Bryan Myers is a name synonymous with leadership. The President & CEO of [solidcore] and former VP of New Store Development at Sweetgreen knows what it means to be a leader. But more than that, he knows what it takes to be a great leader. His philosophy? Leadership means service. Through serving his team and his community, Bryan has proven his style successful time and time again. In this episode, Farryn and Bryan talk all things leadership. The ups & downs, the risks & rewards, and how to lead by serving others.
  • 5. Genuine Storytelling with Steph Simon

    If there’s one story we want to hear, it’s Steph Simon’s. She’s a former attorney turned banker, turned Head of Relationships at Beats by Dr. Dre, turned consultant for brands like Mario Testing and Gucci, turned advisor, turned Head of Community and Partnerships at Clubhouse. Need we say more? In this episode, Farryn and Steph delve into deep relationships, honest storytelling, and remaining unabashedly true to oneself in every chapter of life.