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Akita Somani: The Journey to Inclusion

In this week’s episode, Akita Somani, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion at U.S. Bank and a member of the Women in Payments ASEAN Advisory Board, joins Paul in an open conversation about mental wellbeing in the workplace and how implementing it into culture can lead to better business results.

With over 21 years of international experience in retail financial services and payments, with U.S. Bank (Elavon), Mastercard, Visa, Citi, Barclays and HSBC, Akita relentlessly drives constructive actions on building diversity, equity and inclusion in the industry.

They discuss how to positively impact workplace culture and the progressive steps in which to successfully do that. Akita shares the importance of leadership taking the first steps in educating themselves on how to embed a culture of inclusion and psychological safety in their organisations. Sharing small tips and key examples of the steps her company has taken to improve employee wellbeing and their workplace culture.

Akita Somani


Paul McGregor


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Monday, December 12, 2022

Lucy Hoyle & Ellie Woodhams: Finding the ‘happy’ balance

In this week’s episode, Ellie Woodhams, Talent Partner, and Lucy Hoyle, Curation Manager at Perlego, join Paul in a candid conversation about how their passion for wellbeing has influenced their roles and the culture of their workplace.Both employees at Perlego, an online digital library focusing on academic, professional and non-fiction eBooks, Ellie and Lucy discuss how they've been able to create a psychologically safe environment at work by advocating mental wellbeing among their colleagues.After an employee sadly left Perlego due to work stress and burnout, this kick-started a reassessment of their workplace wellbeing and culture. Ellie and Lucy talk about how tackling stigma in the workplace through mental health champions and wellbeing networks, they have seen a rise in engagement with wellbeing initiatives and resources. They explain how placing emphasis on creating a better culture has allowed for invaluable improvements in their employees’ wellbeing and how this has truly impacted their workplace. What’s the ‘happy’ balance? It’s the balance between people feeling comfortable sharing their experiences and being aware of workplace boundaries and context.Listen to this episode to find out more!Video version here: Hoyle - Curation Manager at Perlego Woodhams - Former Talent Partner at Perlego McGregorLinkedIn: