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How to Be Magnetic and Heal Your Body From the Inside Out, With Kimberly Snyder

Ep. 35

Whether you feel like you've tried everything to achieve weight loss and nothing has worked, or you're interested in finding your purpose and diving into spirituality, this might be the conversation that changes your life. Kimberly Snyder is a multiple-time New York Times bestselling author, spiritual and meditation teacher, nutritionist, and founder of Solluna, a holistic lifestyle brand that offers supplements, meditations and courses. Considered one of Hollywood's top wellness gurus, she has worked with top celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Margot Robbie, and Channing Tatum. On this episode, Kimberly and Josie dive into spirituality and why connection to Self is so important to healing the body and achieving your best health. Kimberly also shares the routines and rituals that make the biggest difference for her, as well as the supplements and foods she swears by. To the wellness queenies out there are: you're going to want to take notes.

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  • 115. Science-Backed Ways to Have Better Sex in Your LTR, With Dr. Tara

    #115: Dr. Tara is a tenured professor of relational and sexual communication, an award-winning researcher, and a well-known sex and relationship expert. In this episode, Josie and Dr. Tara dive into the root cause of intimacy issues: the most common ones, why everyone will deal with sex-related issues at one point in their life, and what to do about them. They also chat about sexual confidence and how to keep things spicy in an LTR (including sexy check-ins, sex fasting, and controlled chaos). Dr. Tara shares science-backed ways to improve your sex life, whether you're in a relationship or not. She also shares her thoughts on the recently popular celibacy trend and why you should masturbate every day.Ask The Everygirl: 1:01 "Tips for detoxing and getting back on track after overindulging?"Interview Begins: 14:38For Detailed Show Notes visit theeverygirlpodcast.comThis episode is brought to you by OSEAHead to and use code "THEEVERYGIRL" for 10% off your order.
  • 114. Dating Is Terrible: Chatting With Comedian Kate Willett

    Kate Willett is a comedian, actress, and writer, who has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Netflix’s Comedy Lineup. In her iconic and hilarious sets, she covers topics such as sexuality, misogyny, politics, and reproductive rights. In today's episode, Kate shares all the fascinating behind-the-scenes stories of being a comedian, how cancel culture has impacted her, and secrets she learned to feel more confident. Kate also shares amazing dating and relationship tips, and Josie and Kate play a game of "Never Have I Ever," diving into topics from faking orgasms to threesomes. By the end of the episode, you'll be fascinating, inspired, and LOLing. Ask The Everygirl: 8:31 "How do you spend your free time?"Interview Begins: 24:15
  • 113. Skincare Red Flags with Founders of Dieux, Charlotte Palermino & Joyce de Lemos

    #113: Charlotte Palermino and Joyce de Lemos are two of the co-founders of Dieux, a buzzworthy and celeb-loved skincare brand built on the foundations of no-BS marketing and transparent ingredients. Charlotte has a background in women's lifestyle media and marketing, while Joyce is a clinical cosmetic chemist, giving the duo a fascinating perspective on the beauty industry, skincare that works, and harmful marketing. Charlotte and Joyce share all of their best beauty tips from slugging, to tips to know if a product is worth your money, to contouring with self-tanner. The beauty founders also talk about how the beauty industry needs to change: anti-aging messaging, greenwashing in "clean beauty," lack of regulations, and how the industry is affected by gender roles and toxic masculinity. This episode will leave you with amazing skincare tips you've never heard before, and a different perspective on beauty.Ask The Everygirl: 9:28 "Tips for 'healthy fighting' in a relationship?"Interview Begins: 24:49For Detailed Show Notes visit
  • 112. Long-Term Money Goals and What You Should Know About Retirement, With Bank of America's Lorna Sabbia

    #112: In the last episode of The Everygirl’s Guide to Building Wealth series, Josie is joined by Lorna Sabbia, Head of Workplace Benefits at Bank of America, who's giving you expert insights into setting long-term financial goals and everything you need to know about planning for retirement. This episode dives into the nitty gritty of the importance of retirement accounts for women, how to save for your financial goals, and the secrets to future financial success.
  • 111. "I Only Want What Wants Me:" Big Sister Advice From Victoria Alario (For the Girls)

    #111: Victoria Alario is a confidence coach and host of the hit podcast, For the Girls. In today's episode, Victoria is dropping her best big sister advice on everything from confidence to dating to why (and how) to fall in love with your alone time. From how to deal with rejection to secrets for a happy, lasting relationship, Victoria shares amazing tips to help you live your best life. Josie and Victoria also chat about feminine energy: how to tap into it, why it's actually feminist, and why it could be the secret to having a happier relationship or more successful business. Consider this episode a compilation of all the advice you need to hear–this one's for the girls.Ask The Everygirl: 0:41 "I have summer betterment burnout: I feel like I'm supposed to have a better wellness routine and feel guilty when I'm not 'taking advantage' of the weather–help!"Interview Begins: 16:35For Detailed Show Notes visit theeverygirlpodcast.comThis episode is brought to you by OSEAHead to and use code "THEEVERYGIRL" for 10% off your order.
  • 110. Hot Girl Summer Tips: Protein Hacks, Hitting Daily Step Goals, Best Self Saturdays, and More

    #110: On today's solo episode, Josie is sharing 7 of her most important tips to feel your best this season and prep for hot girl summer. From hacks to pack in more protein and hit your daily step goal, to Josie's lymphatic drainage routine and how she's restructuring her weekends to make the most of them (we're officially coining "Best Self Saturday"), consider this a can't-miss episode. Subscribe to our newsletter at For Detailed Show Notes visit
  • 109. Hormone Health Tips You've Probably Never Heard Before With Lulu Ge

    #109: Lulu Ge is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist and founder of Elix. a holistic solution for women to use herbs to balance their hormones, heal period symptoms, and improve their health. In this episode, Josie and Lulu get into why so many women are suffering from period-related issues (in silence) and how we can look to the root cause to find solutions. Lulu also shares what Traditional Chinese Medicine actually is, and why it may be the answer you've been looking for to heal your body holistically. Lulu gives tips and tricks from herbs to foods to acupressure points for a wide range of common symptoms such as brain fog, period pain, hormonal acne, and weight loss. If you've tried everything to heal your symptoms and nothing has worked, this episode is for you.For 15% off your first order from Elix, use the code "THEEVERYGIRL15"Ask The Everygirl: 6:09 "The guy I'm dating just told me he cheated in his last that a deal breaker?"Interview Begins: 16:49For Detailed Show Notes visit
  • 108. Erin Andrews on Infertility and Success in a Male-Dominated Industry

    #108: There's so much more to Erin Andrews that you don't know. Erin Andrews is a television personality and sportscaster who changed the landscape for women in sports, but she has learned so many lessons along the way that we can learn from. Erin and Josie talk about the challenges (and behind-the-scenes) of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, how to feel more confident (or fake it 'til you make it), and advice she would give her younger self. Erin also opens up about her cervical cancer diagnosis, battle with infertility, and her powerful journey to motherhood. Ask The Everygirl: 1:32 "My boyfriend has really close female that a red flag?"Interview begins: 21:07For more detailed show notes, visit
  • 107. The Surprising Connection Between The Gut and Your Mood, With Dr. Uma Naidoo

    #107: Dr. Uma Naidoo is a board-certified psychiatrist, nutrition specialist, and author of This is Your Brain on Food. She discovered a wide gap in healthcare when she realized that no one is talking about how certain foods can cause common symptoms such as brain fog and anxiety–while other foods can be used to reduce stress, boost mood, and improve focus. In today's episode, Dr. Uma breaks down key principles, takeaways, and tips from her best-selling books including the gut-brain connection that explains why you may be so stressed out. She explains why food affects mood, and offers easy "prescriptions" (AKA recipes, grocery lists, and lifestyle changes) if you need to get out of a funk, need to focus for a major meeting or exam, calm anxiety and stress, or if you have a special event like a wedding or trip you want to feel present and energized for. Money may not buy happiness, but food can.Ask The Everygirl: 0:45 "Any tips to feel better about my body in a bathing suit? Feeling insecure always ruins my summer!"Interview Begins: 19:09For Detailed Show Notes visit theeverygirlpodcast.comTo win a $25 Amazon gift card, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts telling us what you loved about this episode!