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  • 32. EP32 - James MacMillan

    Composer, James MacMillan, chats to me about his inspiration, methods and legacy...Produced by Cheryl Davis

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  • 31. EP31 - Clarice Assad

    Composer Clarice Assad chats to me about her musical upbringing, her inspirations, her diverse range of skills and her approach to composing a percussion concerto...Produced by Cheryl Davis
  • 30. EP30 - Wynton Marsalis

    What a wonderful ending to Series 4! Wynton reminisced about how being challenged at basketball by a flautist, spurred him on to start practising trumpet in earnest and applying to Julliard!! An incredible musician with an incredible story to tell so Let's get Listening...Produced by Cheryl Davis
  • 29. EP29 - Tine Thing Helseth

    Tine Thing Helseth and I chatted about the precarious situations you can find yourself in as a musician such as standing playing on tall buildings in a gale! Besides being one of the world's best trumpeters, Tine's creativity also extends to knitting and building Lego structures! We laughed throughout this episode so enjoy and Let's Get Listening!Produced by Cheryl Davis
  • 28. EP28 - Neil Percy

    Neil Percy is the Principal Percussionist of the LSO and Head of Percussion at The Royal Academy of Music so he has plenty of tales to tell about everything related to percussion. It was wonderful to finally have the chance to have a good chat and gossip with him which I have to confess ran way over time so we had to cut this episode down a bit because we could have talked all day so Let's get Listening!Produced by Cheryl Davis
  • 27. EP27 Jon Snow

    Legendary journalist, Jon Snow, chats to me about his early days as a chorister, some incredibly poignant and momentous moments in his career and of his best friend - his bicycle! Let's get listening!Produced by Cheryl Davis
  • 26. EP26 - MILOŠ

    Classical guitarist, Miloš Karadaglić charmed me with his tales of music in his Montenegro home, his inspiring grandmother and the battered old classical guitar that started everything and is still in the family. So let's get listening!Produced by Cheryl Davis