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Rogue Legacy 2: the story behind the roguelike hit | Teddy Lee (Cellar Door Games)

Ep. 63

Rogue Legacy walked so Hades could run. Now, nearly 10 years after the original, Rogue Legacy 2 is another shining example of the highly replayable roguelike genre.

Cellar Door Games co-founder and designer Teddy Lee joins High Resolution to detail the tricky path to capturing success a second time.

From finding popularity with Rogue Legacy, the commercial struggles of the studio's follow-up in Full Metal Furies, to the surprisingly emotional Early Access journey of Rogue Legacy 2, Lee explains it all.

Also, there's a little discussion about the studio's early Flash games, including Don't Shit Your Pants, a game we've all played IRL at some point in our lives.

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