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Takeover fever at Everton, Thornton's toffees on offer anyone?

Personal taste is hugely important - anyone fancy a Thornton's Toffee? A takeover special with two highly qualified and interesting guests

I am joined by The Athletic's Matt Slater and a life long Evertonian Richard Watts to discuss the latest takeover rumours at Everton. So many questions asked and answered including the attraction of the Premier League to US investors, who is John Thornton, what does it mean for us?

What does a takeover mean to Everton, how different would we be in the future, without Moshiri?

A fascinating hour with two real experts in their fields.Thanks for listening!

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  • Everton Business Matters Special

    Welcome to this special edition of Everton Business Matters where for the first time since May 2021 Rodger Armstrong, John Blain and I get together to discuss the last seven years, right up to the potential new investment doing the current media rounds.In our usual style we analyse what's happened, where it has placed us and most critically how do we get out of the deeply uncompetitive position we found ourselves in. As ever strong opinions, some disagreement and Rodger's eloquent summary.Thanks for listeningRodger, John & Paul
  • Catching up with Paul Brown, talking about Lampard & new information on Moshiri

    Welcome to this episode of the Esk podcasts. Today I an joined by freelance journalist Paul Brown review the season to date, take a detailed look at Lampard, his style of management, what's working, not working. We look at his relationship with the board, and in particular the differences between now and his time at ChelseaWe talk about Farhad Moshiri, with Paul Brown giving some very interesting revelationsThanks as ever for listening
  • With Rodger Armstrong & Paul Brown, Ball of Confusion

    Welcome to another episode of the Esk podcasts, featuring two fellow Evertonians, Rodger Armstrong and Paul Brown.Several months since we last spoke, so we cover virtually every topic from the end of the season to present day including Lampard's style of management, transfer strategy and execution, Kevin Thelwell, Farhad Moshiri, Anthony Gordon and Paul's take on Dele Alli. Great insight from Rodger and Paul as usual as we try to figure out who is doing what and what the results will be.A genuinely enjoyable but frank discussionThanks for listening, the esk podcasts and Talking the Blues are available on all major podcast platforms, links to which can be found here
  • With Jazz Bal, Chair of the Everton Fan Advisory Board

    I am joined by Jazz Bal, Chair of the Everton Fan Advisory Board as we look back on the comments made on Sky Sports News and then an examination of the Fan Advisory Board. We have a frank discussion as to how prepared the FAB is to face the challenges of a fan base wanting change. Change that results in a better Everton. We look at some of the practicalities of how it may all work before commenting on how best fans with opposing views may interact with each other going forwardsThanks to Jazz for giving up his time and his willingness to answer questions.Jazz's email address is chair@efc-fanadvisoryboard.comDetails of the Fan Advisory Board members can be found hereThe esk podcasts are available on Spotify and Apple as well as other podcast platforms
  • Unity in making Everton a better football club

    Welcome to this episode of the esk podcasts. Today I am joined by Mark from The People's Group We discuss a range of topics including how to gain supporter support for change in the club we all love. We look back on previous campaigns, we discuss the need for wider fan participation, the need for engagement from the club. We look at Farhad Moshiri and what he can do to help us all achieve a common objective - a much better football club.Thanks to Mark for joining from Adelaide, the podcast we refer to that featured Mark can be found hereThanks as always for listening!
  • Things can only get better with Pete & John

    John Blain and Pete Molyneux feature in their regular end of season podcast to do their annual review of the previous season and discuss hopes and expectations for the future for both Everton and Manchester UnitedEnjoy!
  • With Elton Welsby & Rodger Armstrong

    Welcome to another episode of The Esk podcasts. Joining me is a man who needs no introduction to whoever listened to or watched Everton in 1970's and 80's on Radio City and Granada, the one and only Elton Welsby. Alongside him, a really good friend and always has interesting points to make, Rodger Armstrong.Not going to reveal any of the content, except to say it was huge fun. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking and recording
  • Everton's proposed takeover

    Welcome to this episode of The Esk Podcasts. Today I am joined by Dave Powell business football writer at the Liverpool Echo, and Tim Keech, Co-founder of MRKT Insights, a leading football consultancy service provider.Our topic today focuses on the potential takeover of Everton Football Club from a number of perspectives. We look at how the news broke, we look at what goes on behind the scenes, how a takeover is valued, how investors behave, who is Peter Kenyon, what's his reputation and finally the timing implications for Everton's transfer business.Both Dave and Tim bring a fresh perspective to the story in what is an interesting hour of discussion.
  • Golden Years with Mike Gow

    Today's podcast sees me catch up with a fellow Blue, Mike Gow, who is an expert in China, having worked there for 15 years and is a leading academic on industry, management and even football in China.Mike takes us through the current thinking regarding football in China, the long term thinking leading to eventually hosting a World Cup. The link to Everton might be John Thornton, the potential bidder. Mike discusses John's interests in China before covering his theory which set a small corner of Twitter alight last evening.Finally Mike talks about a very interesting research programme involving Everton social media and the potential for providing a one stop solution for Evertonians to access all future Everton related content.Thanks Mike, and I hope the listeners find your conversation very interesting!