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  • 4. A New Right to Cybersecurity?

    Today's guest is Dr Pier Giorgio Chiara from the University of Bologna who is going to be talking to us about Cybersecurity in EU law the Internet of Things as well as privacy and data protection and the impact of some of these developments on law, ethics and society in general. The Internet of Things, or IoT, represents a vast network of interconnected devices that collect and exchange data. From smart homes to connected cars, and industrial automation to wearable tech, IoT is everywhere. Unlike the relatively standardized world of personal computers, IoT devices vary widely in their capabilities and functions. This complexity means that creating a comprehensive overview of IoT hardware is nearly impossible. Moreover, the lack of standardisation makes it difficult to implement robust security measures across the board.  In the podcast we'll examine the challenges posed by novel cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities in the IoT. So we are going to go into depth on Pier's new paper: Towards a right to cybersecurity in EU law? The challenges ahead

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  • 3. Smart Robots at Work

    Today's guests, Professor Angela Daly and Dr Riccardo Vecellio Segate, both members of the Smart Cobotics Centre are going to be talking to us about, among other things Encoding Ethical Principles for Collaborative Robots in the workplace: Occupational safety, EU law and Legal Jazz.Collaborative Robots or Cobots as they are called, increasingly work alongside humans in shared environments, and so questions arise about how to ensure the health and safety of workers.We'll examine the challenges posed by these innovative technologies, from the gaps in current recent law, regulation and technical standards to the potential benefits and ethical dilemmas of entrusting Cobots with safety enforcement.We are going to go into depth on the new paper: Encoding the Enforcement of Safety Standards into Smart Robots to Harness Their Computing Sophistication and Collaborative Potential: A Legal Risk Assessment for European Union Policymakers so please read!Also check out Riccardo's music here:Brahms Intermezzo op. 118 no.2 in A MajorLiszt La Chapelle de Guillaume Tell / Orage Bach Courante & Sarabande from 2nd Partita in C minor
  • 2. Can You Patent the Sun?

    On the podcast we will be focussing on Intellectual Property Law and Big Pharma in the age of AI. In recent years, the intersection of intellectual property (IP) law, pharmaceuticals, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly complex and consequential. We talk to Gabriele Cifrodelli about his PhD as well as his recent paper Can you patent the sun? The Covid-19 Vaccine as a chance to rethink the relationship between Intellectual Property and Commons.Please like and Subscribe!SCOTLINCREATe
  • 1. Agile Methods in Law

    Guest star Katherina Bisset talks to us about her book The Agile Lawyer. To explore some of the innovative work she is doing please visit Also check out her own podcast Nerds of Law at