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Why am I Constipated?

Season 3, Ep. 7

This week I have two very special guests joining me. 

The first is Michael Garfield, who is a permanent fixture on the Houston radio landscape. Michael and his weekly program, the High-Tech Texan, airs every Saturday morning between 11:00 and 1:00 PM on 950 KPRC. Michael is an expert on everything technology related, and he is going to share his insight and thoughts on technology issues that we're facing as the Covid pandemic persists. With everyone working from home, and taking advantage of online exercise classes, online cooking, and substituting the online movie experience for the closed mega theater, I am wondering if this is putting a significant crunch on the internet bandwidth we all need. Listen along and see what the High-Tech Texan has to say!

The next topic will be delving into is constipation. For many, this is just an embarrassing conversation to have, or the butt of a joke. The reality is, Constipation is a significant problem that many people face. This is not just a condition of old people, but I see in my own practice an unusually high number of people in their early 20s with constipation causing significant problems for them. While it's true that Constipation becomes more problematic as we age, the global problem of obesity and its low fiber, low nutrition foods that many are eating, is a driving force when we talk about constipation. The human body was not meant to eat processed foods. 

A worlds expert on constipation, all things digestive, is my good friend and colleague Dr. Eamonn Quigley. He'll be sharing his expert knowledge on Constipation and how we need to think about it. 

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