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#COVID19 Questions and Answers

Season 4, Ep. 8
So here we are in August 2021, and we are still talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. Just when we thought we would be getting our lives back under control, the delta variant emerged. The initial excitement about the vaccine has waned, and we are once again seeing a surge of cases in our hospitals and intensive care units. There continues to be confusion about wearing masks, how we conduct ourselves in public, what is the real story on breakthrough cases in those that have been previously vaccinated, and how do we addressed those that simply are not interested in getting vaccinated? Unfortunately, the public health experts that we rely on, as well as our political leaders, are finding it more and more difficult to provide the general public with a coherent set of recommendations and guidelines that we can live by. This inconsistent messaging only feeds the fire of noncompliance, and of course, more cases and the potential for more deaths. This week on our weekly radio program, Your Health First, it was a pleasure to have back on Dr. David Pate. Following his long tenure at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston's Texas Medical Center, he relocated to Idaho where he was president and CEO of the St. Luke's Health System. Recently retired, he has done an excellent job of articulate what we need to know regarding COVID-19, the vaccine, and what we should all be thinking about. I highly suggest all of you subscribe to his blog, and follow his thoughts each week.#covid #civid19 #covid19vaccine #coronavirus #pandemicWebsites to remember:Dr. Galati'snewslettersign-upMedical Practice:Liver Specialists of TexasDr. Galati's Book Site:Eating Yourself SickFacebook:Dr. Joe GalatiDr. Galati's YouTube:YouTube ChannelPlease send feedback and suggestion.You can message me here.