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Daddy Saturday Explained

Season 1, Ep. 9

This week, Justin Batt joins Dr. Joe Galati to talk about his new book, Daddy Saturday, and the program he has developed to foster more intentional parenting for men with children.They both discuss the cross-over association between good parenting skills, fatherhood, and the health and wellness impact that this brings to children, and the family as a whole.

Also on the program, Dr. Galati discusses low blood pressure, and the symptoms (and strategy) you need to be aware of.

Lastly, for this individuals with fatty liver disease, Dr. Galati mentions the opportunity to participate in clinical research studies. For information on this, contact Dr. Galati's practice, Liver Specialists of Texas, for more information, or call them at 713-794-0700 and ask for Teresa for eligibility and details.

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Dr. Joe Galati

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