The Commons

  • 6. The Problem of Quiet Classrooms: Technology & Isolation

    In this final episode of season four, Brian Phillips reflects on changes in classroom culture and the role technology has played in those changes. The days of walking into a high school or college classroom and asking students to quiet down seem long gone. So what does that mean for teachers?
  • 5. Understanding Hollywood’s "War" on Family

    In this episode, Brian Phillips and Matt Bianco discuss how parents are portrayed in film and the media. Is the apparent “war on the family” intentionally destructive, or are parent portrayals rooted in something else entirely?
  • 4. Loving the Natural Sciences: An Interview with Gordon Wilson

    In the episode, Brian Phillips talks with Dr. Gordon Wilson (Senior Fellow of Natural History at New St. Andrews College) about his recent works: A Different Shade of Green: A Biblical Approach to Environmentalism & the Dominion Mandate and The Riot & the Dance (which includes a biology text and two stunning feature-length documentary films).
  • 3. Dealing with Difficult People, with Matthew Bianco

    In this week's episode, Brian Phillips and Matt Bianco talk about conflict, difficult people, and learning to deal wisely with both.
  • 2. A Spirit of Inquiry: An Interview with Dr. Pano Kanelos (President of St. John’s College)

    In this episode of The Commons, Brian Phillips interviews Dr. Pano Kanelos (President of St. John’s College), to discuss life at St. John’s, classical education at the college level, and the spirit of inquiry.
  • 1. Classical Educators & the Church: An Interview with Dana Gage

    Welcome back to season four of The Commons with Dr. Brian Phillips! In episode 4.1 classical educator and pastor’s wife Dana Gage joins Brian Phillips for a talk about how classical education and church life intersect. Gage tells her story of what it’s like to serve as both a teacher and pastor’s wife in NYC, and further discusses her article, “Neglecting the House of God?”If you like this episode please be sure to rate and review wherever you get podcasts.
  • 14. On School Aesthetics, with Brian Daigle

    Classical educators frequently discuss Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, but of these three, Beauty is the most misunderstood. In this episode of The Commons, a podcast about school leadership, Dr. Brian Phillips is joined by Brian Daigle of Mud House Art for a conversation about Beauty and aesthetics in our schools and homeschools.
  • 13. Leading People, Not Systems

    Welcome back to The Commons, a podcast featuring conversations and contemplation about the challenges of school life and leadership, hosted by Dr. Brian Phillips.St. Benedict wrote that an abbot should "so regulate and arrange all matters that souls may be saved and the brothers may go about their activities without justifiable grumbling." In this episode, Brian Phillips explores that idea, reflecting on how we can lead our schools and home schools in ways that bless those we serve.Remember: subscribe, rate, review!
  • 12. Outrage, Solomon, & Kids with Smartphones

    Welcome back to The Commons, a podcast featuring conversations and contemplation about the challenges of school life and leadership, hosted by Dr. Brian Phillips.In the episode, Brian discusses our tendency to assume the worst of others, our "age of outrage," and how we must guard ourselves and our schools against it.Remember: subscribe, rate, review!