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  • Charles is now a Global Wanker(nomics expert)

    Charles is taking his live show to Edinburgh, and Dom tries and fails to contain his jealousy. Plus, we reveal how to make a $weet fortune in kickbacks, as pioneered by some Commonwealth Bank employees recently.
  • Charles reckons you can use Bluetooth in space!

    In yet another outlandish and implausible claim, Charles claims scientists have figured out how to use Bluetooth beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Having used Bluetooth within the Earth’s atmosphere, Dom is sceptical. But if it works, what else could we use Space Bluetooth (tm) for?
  • We're criticising Qantas until they let us into the Chairman's Lounge

    The Chaser has been pretty critical of Qantas since the earliest days of our newspaper – and recently we sold lots of highly satirical QANTARSE merchandise. The recent settlement Qantas has made with the ACCC in response to its recent practice of selling tickets on flights it had already cancelled is certainly worthy of considerable scepticism from Australia's premier corporate critics, Charles and Dom.Alternatively, we'd be very happy to brainstorm ways in which the airline could fix its image problems – over champagne in the Chairman's Lounge. Your move, Qantas!
  • When 81 meets 38: a billionaire’s love story

    Today Charles and Dom explore a modern love story for the ages – very different ages, namely those of 81-year-old billionaire investor Robert Whyte and 38 year old fashion marketer Alessandra Eddy. As well as eternal bliss, could they have unlocked the secret to solving the housing affordability crisis?
  • Kristi Noem Shoots Her Shot To Be Trump's VP

    Dom introduces Charles to one of Donald Trump's potential Vice Presidents. What is it that makes Kristi Noem stand out above all the rest? She's not afraid to take a shot. Warning: Animals were harmed in the making of this podcast.
  • A Not So Bonza Idea

    Charles and Dom are proud to introduce The Chaser Report's newest sponsor: Bonza Air.