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  • 19. Then, Now, & We Don't Know How To Schedule

    Reverse Rell & Rob E. discuss Vince's Cane & The Undertaker C.rypitc M.essage Punk, The Wrestling Praise Parade, & Cash Shit!Twitter + Instagram:@montez_bba@roberts_rules@thecashshit

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  • 18. I Could Be A Vampire

    Reverse Rell & Rob E. discuss a Month's Worth of Recaps, Q3 Prognostications, No Mercy/Not So Fast Lane, & Cash Shit!Twitter + Instagram:@montez_bba@roberts_rules@thecashshit
  • 16. A Reverse Roast - A B'day Celebration

    Rob E. Franklin and The Family come together to host a roast for the one and only, Reverse Rell, to commemorate his birthday. We even renumbered the episodes to make this the 16th! On this episode were discussing all things Reverse, Rumors That Don't Die, Libra Terrorism, & Cash Shit!Twitter + Instagram:@roberts_rules@thecashshit
  • 17. A Big Back-Lash!

    Reverse Rell & Rob E. discuss the Returns, TKOs, Swaps, Trades, & Cash Shit!Twitter + Instagram:@reverse_rell@roberts_rules@thecashshit
  • 15. A Funky Bunch of Buzzards

    Reverse Rell & Rob E. discuss the passing of the legend, Terry Funk, the passing othe icon, Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda), & (a little bit of) Cash Shit!Twitter + Instagram:@reverse_rell@roberts_rules@thecashshit
  • 14. A Tale of She-nanigans

    Reverse Rell & Rob E. talk the Women's Devolution, SisterSlam, McJudgment Day, & Cash Shit!Twitter + Instagram:@reverse_rell@roberts_rules@thecashshit
  • 13. An Early Piece A Gworl

    Reverse Rell & Rob E. talk All Things Slamming This Summer, Wrestling Worldwide, Amazing Storytelling, & Cash Shit!Twitter + Instagram:@reverse_rell@roberts_rules@thecashshit