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#18 – Career Expert Series : Margaret Buj – Interview Coach

Season 1, Ep. 18

For This Episode of The CareerMetis Podcast – we will be hearing from Margaret Buj from Interview Coach.

This interview is part of the “Career Expert Series“.

Margaret Buj is an interview and career acceleration coach who specializes in helping professionals get any job they want at their best ever salary.

Episode Summary

Margaret Buj Shares her insights based on her 10 years of Global Recruitment experience in helping individuals with their job search.

1. The importance of having an achievement based interview as opposed to a job duties based resume. Numbers impress and they help you stand out.

2. Resumes must be tailored to specific jobs, instead of sending generic resumes.

3. The 15 second rule of crafting cover letters. You must keep Cover letters brief and to the point.

4. How to better answer behavioural type of questions during the job interview.

5. How to negotiate a higher salary than what is first offered by the prospective employer.

6. Why you must rely less on Job Boards?


To learn more & connect with Margaret Buj – you can reach her through her Margaret Buj account, Twitter or Facesalbook.

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  • 116. #116 – Announcement – Rebranding and Relaunching – The Career Insider Podcast

    For Episode 116 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we have some exciting news.Excited to announce the Rebranding and Relaunch of the Podcast.3 years ago – May 2016 , we launched our first ever podcast episode.It has been hell of a ride. Over this time, we have chatted with over 100 Professionals for The CareerMetis Podcast.We have had interviews with Career Coaches, productivity experts, professionals, branding gurus,etc.As the host, I have personally learnt a lot from each of my guest, and it was an amazing learning experience.We realized that the show lacked focus i.e. each episode was distinct even though we had a few series (Career Expert Series, Leadership Expert Series, A Day in the Life of,etc.). In order for a show to thrive, it is imperative to have a focus so we can provide a consistent experience for the audience /listeners.So, we have decided to focus only on one particular series – “A Day in the Life of”. We are re-branding the podcast to “The Career Insider Podcast”.Moving forward we will be interviewing individuals from different walks of life, and they will share their job or profession during our chat. This is especially exciting because there are 100s of jobs out there, and this type of information is what job seekers are craving.So we are really excited about this major pivot and the new focus that the show will have moving forward.Stay tuned for our next episode.. and here's to the next 3 years of podcasting 🙂 !!Intro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – No Need to Rush     
  • 115. #115 – Career Expert Series – Michelle M. Gomez

    For Episode 115 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Michelle M. Gomez.This interview is part of the “Career Expert Series“.GUEST INTRODUCTION – MICHELLE M. GOMEZMichelle M. Gomez is an accomplished business executive and her specialty is being a slayer of imposter syndrome. As well as being a published author, she helps other high achievers find inner peace, overcome their demons, and rid themselves of the debilitating effects of impostor syndrome.EPISODE SUMMARY1) As a young Latin woman, Michelle started her career at 19 in the male dominated Logistics and Transportation industry. She fell into it and had a rough time, but with coaching, training and sheer determination, she managed to do more than survive, she’s thrived within the industry and after 2 decades is still active within it!2) Michelle describes imposter syndrome, and how it showed up in the early stages of her career, regardless of how her peers thought of her. She explains that it’s difficult to help people improve their inner dialogue about themselves, but having been through it, she has an easier time developing more self worth and confidence.3) Michelle talks about our bodies being able to detect the truth of something, even if we don’t acknowledge it. She describes how impostor syndrome can manifest itself in other ways if you choose to ignore it rather than deal with it.4) Michelle also talks about leadership, and how it can be impacted both positively and negatively depending on your level of self awareness.5) Michelle also speaks about work-life balance, and how to master both in a way that allows you to not only love your life and job, but be productive and positive in both places. Being present has a lot to do with it.6) Michelle also talks about self care and what happened when she neglected her life for her job, and how you can take care of yourself to avoid similar types of setbacks in your own life!QUOTES“I'm able to reframe my thought patterns around success because I have dealt with the imposter syndrome in my own experience”“I had to be something other than who I was in order to be successful”“Everyone around me seemed to believe I belonged, it was me that struggled with it”“Look at all you’ve accomplished, you should be proud of yourself”“Our bodies are innate truth tellers”“You can’t heal what you can’t speak”“80% of my identity was at work, and 20% was everywhere else”“Sometimes what’s ordinary to you is extraordinary to others”RESOURCESTo learn more about Michelle M. Gomez, visit her website. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.During our interview, Michelle mentioned her new book – Own Your Brilliance: Overcome Impostor Syndrome for Career Success.Intro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – No Need to Rush    
  • 114. #114 – Freelance Career Expert Series – State of Freelancing with Robert McGuire

    For Episode 114 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from a returning guest Robert McGuire.This interview is part of the “Freelance Career Expert Series“. GUEST INTRODUCTION – ROBERT MCGUIRERobert McGuire is a business owner from New Haven, Connecticut. He operates the McGuire Editorial Content Marketing Agency in which he helps B2B and SaaS companies create and implement effective content marketing strategies.He also takes on the role of editor for the Online Gig Economy Forum Nation 1099, which helps solopreneurs find answers to questions about their businesses.Coming from a background in journalism, as well as marketing work for non-profit organizations which helped him see the evolution into the content marketing era. It was this type of work that eventually opened up a path to create his current content marketing agency and become involved in the “Gig Economy” EPISODE SUMMARY1. Robert and his team at Nation1099 have recently been gathering and analyzing any and all data they can find relating to the freelance workforce.2. The landscape of freelancing has changed quite a bit since the old euphemism of being between jobs. With more people choosing to freelance and remain freelancing as a career option, there have been some interesting facts coming to the surface about the people who do so.3. After addressing the growth of the freelancing sector, and his thoughts on where the trend is going, Robert explains why employers are missing out on a huge percentage of talented workers. He also shares that freelancers aren’t happy with gig-matching services.4. Robert also shares his suggestions on how a freelancer can be more successful.5. Robert also discusses why freelancers tend to plateau in their earnings, and provides some examples of what gets over that obstacle.QUOTES“The full time freelance workforce in the US is growing 3x faster than the workforce over all”“Out of all freelancers, the share of them who actively chose it is on the increase”“Self employed, as a group, is bigger than any other employer in the US”“Putting up job ads and job descriptions is like blowing a whistle that this population cannot hear”RESOURCESTo learn more about Robert McGuire you can visit his blog . You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.To learn more about the Gig Economy, Freelancers should check out the amazing resources at Nation1099.Intro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – No Need to Rush     
  • 113. #113 – Career Expert Series – Gorett Reis

    For Episode 113 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Gorett Reis.This interview is part of the “Career Expert Series“.GUEST INTRODUCTION – GORETT REISGorett Reis is a Certified life and career coach and speaker. She guides success driven professionals who desire to advance their careers. She helps people advance within their career, gain greater autonomy, get better pay, and experience more confidence and joy.EPISODE SUMMARY1. After being in education for many years and being dissatisfied with her career, Gorett knew a change had to be made. She took a day off for reflection, and found her answer and began life and career coaching after researching different schools and programs.2. Gorett draws a few parallels between coaching and teaching, but explains that coaching is more client focused than teaching. She also describes the 2 challenges that people who find her are typically experiencing including career advancement and finding direction in their professional life.3. Gorett explains the concept of having an essential self, and a social self, and how they are shaped and formed. She also brings to light that choices made for the social self can often be in conflict with what is good for the essential self.4. Gorett gives some ideas for finding your own answers and beginning the journey toward clarity of direction. She points out that taking action on what you want is crucial to experiencing positive change in your life.5. Work life balance is something we hear about, but what about integration? Gorett describes what that means, and where it fits in on the path to fulfillment in life. Getting joy from work, and getting joy from life outside of work are both things to strive for and figure out.QUOTES“I’m so glad I gave myself that break in routine”“It’s all about the client”“They’d been doing something else that their parents wanted, or what they thought society expected of them”“What do you want? What are your values?”“How much pain are you in, and are you willing to experience more of the same pain?”“Give yourself some space to reflect”RESOURCESTo learn more about Gorett Reis, visit her website. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.Intro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – No Need to Rush    
  • 112. #112 – Career Expert Series – Kwame Christian

    For Episode 112 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Kwame Christian.This interview is part of the “Career Expert Series“.GUEST INTRODUCTION – KWAME CHRISTIANKwame Christian is the director of the American Negotiation Institute, he teaches us about an alternative way to resolve conflict. He’s a business lawyer, and serves as a negotiation consultant for attorneys and companies closing large business deals. On top of that, he also hosts the podcast Negotiate Anything.EPISODE SUMMARY1. Kwame’s initial academic love was psychology, and he achieved a bachelor of psychology before turning his focus to Law. As a result of his interest in psychology, his approach to negotiation differs from that of most lawyers and attorneys. He uses his knowledge and skills to teach others how to negotiate more effectively in order to resolve conflict in a much more impactful way.2. Kwame tells the story of a day at the playground when no one would play with him, and how that day shaped his determination to be liked. Respect came later when he decided to become good at conflict instead of avoiding it. We negotiate every day, and mastering the skill is life changing.3. Negotiation awareness is important to attain if you wish to strengthen your relationships and get more of what you want out of life. Kwame shares what that means, and where it can be applied to create win/win situations and help more people around you.4. Kwame talks about reframing difficult conversations in a way that shifts them into a positive situation instead of a negative or stressful one.5. Kwame also shares 3 steps to having a successful negotiation, and goes into detail about what they are, and how to apply them.QUOTES“No matter who I talked to, who I asked, nobody would play with me”.“Once I learned it was a skill, a skill I could improve upon, it was life changing”.“A negotiation is a conversation where somebody in the conversation wants something”.“Negotiation is everywhere”.“The best things in life are often on the other side of a difficult conversation”.“You should look at these conversations as fact finding missions”.“None of this matters if you don’t take action”.“There is no perfect circumstance”Recommended ResourcesAmerican Negotiation InstitutePodcast – Negotiate Anything Free Negotiation GuideTedX Talk – Finding Confidence in ConflictIntro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – No Need to Rush 
  • 111. #111 – A Day in the Life of a Front-end Developer – Joe Casabona

    For Episode 111 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about:  A Day in the Life of a Front-end Developer from our guest Joe Casabona.Guest Introduction – Joe CasabonaJoe Casabona is a Front End Developer, Instructor, & Course Creator.When Joe is not writing code, he is teaching people how to build things with and for WordPress. Episode Summary 1. Joe explains the difference between a front end and back end web developer, and how he got his start in creating websites for clients2. From his first cup of coffee to mapping out his work day by project, Joe takes us through a day in his life which although has a structure in place, differs from day to day.3. He drops excellent tips about planning out a day based on length of projects, and staying motivated to get the tasks done.4. Joe counts podcasting as the best part of his day, and highlights why he enjoys it so much. Narrowing his focus in on coding specifically, he describes how much he loves solving problems with code.5. Joe also breaks down his struggles with getting projects started, and how that can be a challenge.6. Joe shares the best advice he never took – how it impacted his career and how working for another company helped him to set himself up for business on his own.7. Joe goes into great detail about what a career path can look like for a web developer, and outlines his own experience as an example.8. Joe also talks about education, certification, and the role is now plays in today’s culture.Quotes“My first website was a paid gig”.“It allowed me to flex my kind of creative brain but also my logical brain”.“I knew I wanted to do something with computers”.“It always takes a lot of mental inertia to take that first step”.“Interviewers are less concerned with grades… they want to see what you’ve built”.“If you can get paid to learn, that’s absolutely fantastic”.“Know that you don’t know and always continue to learn”LinksTo learn more about Joe Casabona, you can visit his website. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn , Twitter, Facebook, and GitHub.Recommended ResourcesGitHub.comCodePen.ioLynda.comSkillShareUdemyHTML and CSS : Design and Build Websites (John Duckett)How I Built It Podcast by Joe CasabonaIntro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – No Need to Rush     
  • 110. #110 – Career Expert Series – Clark Finnical

    For Episode 110 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Clark FinnicalThis interview is part of the “Career Expert Series“.GUEST INTRODUCTION – CLARK FINNICALClark Finnical is the author of Job Hunting Secrets From Someone Who’s Been There.EPISODE SUMMARY1. Clark Finnical worked for the same company for 24 years, and although his job was eliminated 4 times, he continuously landed jobs in other divisions. He saw a regular rotation of employees in where he worked, and decided to learn as much as possible about finding work.2. Clark talks about how applicant tracking software works, the issues with them, and how companies use them. He also shares his insights on crafting a concise message to the hiring manager after being rejected immediately by the ATS.3. Clark weighs in on the qualification conversation and gives examples of things he’s seen within the job seeking space. He gives perspective as to why HR tells you to do certain things in order to pre-qualify you and reduce the number applications they receive.4. Clark also talks about being “overqualified”, and what purpose he feels it actually serves. He shares interview tips for navigated someone saying you’re overqualified, in order to make the employer feel more secure.5. Clark also talks about salary, and how recruiters can benefit from having you choose a lower salary, he also talks about finding average salary and using that to negotiate a better one.QUOTES“I was reading the 76 things HR and recruiters believe you must do to land work”“Once you’ve been rejected by the ATS, you have nothing to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain”“Everything a job seeker is told is everything that those people want you to do, not necessarily what is in your best interest”“Once the Internet started, HR was getting flooded by applications”“Every interview you go into makes you a better interviewer”LINKS & RESOURCESClark Finnical can be reached via LinkedIn, Medium or Twitter.12 Lies Told to Job SeekersJob Hunting Secrets (from someone's who's been there)Intro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – No Need to Rush 
  • 109. #109 – Industry Expert Series – Jerri Williams – Retired Special Agent FBI

    For Episode 109 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Jerri Williams, Retired Special Agent at the FBI.This interview is part of the “Industry Expert Series“.Guest Introduction – Jerri WilliamsJerri Williams served 26 years as a special agent with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).During her career, Jerri specialized in cases targeting major economic crime and corruption.Post retirement, she has served as the spokesperson and director of media relations for SEPTA, which is Philadelphia’s public transportation provider. She also produces a popular podcast called FBI Retired Case File Review. Beyond all this, Jerri’s also a published author!Episode Summary1. Jerri Williams got her start as a juvenile probation officer before an ad she saw had her moving into a much different role in the FBI. She describes the role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and a small glimpse at a few of the 200 violations of Federal Law that they investigate2. Jerri gives some insight into what someone who wishes to join the FBI needs to know, including their age requirements, drug policy, experience needed and things you need to consider before considering a career with the bureau. The application process is competitive and health and experience are essential to being chosen.3. Jerri lets us in on the day to day demands on an FBI agent, and how every case can require different elements to be in place. Manpower, resources, time, warrant and various other things all come into play, and can vastly impact an agent’s day.4. The level of commitment required by the FBI is far above most other careers, and as a result it’s more of a calling or mission than a job. It’s a lot less about what you do, and more about who you are.5. Jerri tells us about her books and her podcast, as well as her views on the negative hearsay that exists about the FBI. She also gives some insight into what other agents tend to do post retirement.Quotes“The FBI is a law enforcement agency and since 9/11 has also become intelligence driven”“We keep this nation safe and we make sure that Federal laws are followed”“What the FBI is looking for is people who can do the job”“What’s more important is the experience that you bring with you”“Each agent almost runs their own business”“It’s a new situation, it’s a new experience, but I have the confidence in myself that I’m going to be able to figure this out”Links & ResourcesTo learn more about Jerri Williams, you can visit her website.You can also connected with Jerri Williams via LinkedIn , Facebook and  Twitter .Intro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – No Need to Rush 
  • 108. #108 – Career Expert Series – Nick J.Murphy

    For Episode 108 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Nick J. Murphy.This interview is part of the “Career Expert Series“.Guest Introduction – Nick J.MurphyNick J. Muprhy is the host of the Job Lab Podcast and the founder of Mid America Careers.He is a former professional athlete, experienced HR Tech entrepreneur, father of 5, speaker and frequent media contributor on topics related to jobs and careers.Episode Summary1. After leaving the NFL and looking for a job as a transitioning athlete, Nick realized that the job seeking experience had some gaps that needed filling, and some issues that could use improvement.2. Nick shares the inspiration behind starting the Job Lab Podcast, and how a thought provoking question from his coach led him to create a platform for people to learn about the things he knew well.3. Technological differences in the job advertising market, as well as job seekers finally being heard are two things that Nick references when asked about changes within the career search.4. Nick gives a few solid suggestions when it comes to the job search: Be specific about what you’re looking for, and find out who can introduce you to the people you’re looking to meet. It’s not always about who you know directly, but who they can introduce you to.Quotes“I wanted to solve those problems and do things outside of the box and that’s not always possible in corporate environments”“What are you doing to make a difference?”“You need to reach out and see who you know”“If you want a job and you have the skills, chances are you can find one”“Finding what’s fulfilling and finding what fits you right now is the biggest challenge people are facing”“Be specific about what you want”Links & ResourcesTo learn more about Nick J. Muprhy, you can visit his company website. Nick can also be reached via LinkedIn , Twitter , or Instagram.Intro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack – No Need to Rush