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The Beauty in the Mess

Ep. 52 Expert Career Coaching with Melanie Mitchell-Wexler

Season 3, Ep. 52

Are you thinking of changing jobs? Switching Careers? Going to Next Level?


For this episode, I am very excited to welcome Melanie Mitchell-Wexler to the show. Melanie is a job recruiter turned career coach. She is a seasoned Career Coach LinkedIn Strategist who specializes with Job Search, Networking, and Interviewing Strategies with a career spanning over two decades. Her journey began as a recruiter, where she excelled in the art of getting candidates hired. In 2017, Melanie made a pivotal transition into the field of Career Coaching, driven by her passion for demystifying the job market and providing job seekers with a transparent view of the inner workings of the hiring process.


With an impressive track record as a recruiter, Melanie seamlessly translates her innate knowledge of the job market to empower her clients in their job search endeavors. Her mission centers on helping individuals uncover meaningful and fulfilling career opportunities.


Melanie's expertise covers a comprehensive spectrum of career-related areas, including crafting compelling resumes, optimizing job search strategies, honing interview skills, developing impactful LinkedIn profiles, and cultivating successful personal brands. Her dedication lies in facilitating her clients' self-discovery, equipping them with a deep understanding of the job search process, and guiding them towards the achievement of their career goals, ultimately enabling them to secure their dream roles.


Melanie Mitchell Wexler's client portfolio spans from mid-level career professionals to C-Level Executives, encompassing diverse industries across the United States. Her rich experience, coupled with her unwavering commitment to her clients' success, makes her a trusted partner in the journey of finding one's passion, reaching ambitious goals, and thriving in the world of careers.


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