cover art for Episode 16: A Thousand Different Colors of Gray

The Bakersfield Three

Episode 16: A Thousand Different Colors of Gray

Ep. 16

Revelations from the trial and questions that linger in the minds of the jury.

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  • 1. Episode 1: Fight Like a Mother

    When a local young woman goes missing, it initially appears to be an all too familiar tragic tale involving a suspicious boyfriend. But it soon becomes clear the case is anything but typical when three local mothers begin their own investigation.
  • 2. Episode 2: Facebook Official

    The ties between The Bakersfield Three are explored as new revelations, including a love triangle, come to light.
  • 3. Episode 3: Yellow Rose

    Not long before Micah Holsonbake disappeared, he was a successful financial advisor living in a nice home with his wife and son. But a prescription for painkillers changes everything.
  • 4. Episode 4: Strawberries and Oceans

    To the outside world, James Kulstad had it all. But after a shooting in a quiet neighborhood outside the home of a local doctor, secrets are revealed.
  • 5. Episode 5: Crazy Beautiful

    Baylee Despot was young, beautiful, and ambitious. But a series of traumatic events veered her life onto a dark path.
  • 6. Episode 6: Polaroid Picture

    Someone begins ripping down missing fliers and sending cryptic messages. Meanwhile, a human leg washes ashore at a popular local lake.
  • 7. Episode 7: Bone of my Bones, Flesh of my Flesh

    A group of teens make a horrifying discovery in the local river.
  • 8. Episode 8: Blue Christmas

    Another bombshell surfaces as the mothers of the Bakersfield Three brace themselves for answers that change everything.
  • 9. Episode 9: Mobsters, Motorcycles, and Monsters

    Rumors and terrifying stories about the Bakersfield Three become the talk of the town.