The Adventure Podcast

  • 141. Episode 141: Megan McCubbin, Back To Life

    Episode 141 of The Adventure Podcast features Zoologist and wildlife TV presenter, Megan McCubbin. Megan travelled the world from a young age and quickly became familiar with living in remote areas whilst searching for incredible wildlife. She found her passion and her cause early on, and went on to study Zoology. Despite the heavy themes this is an immensely hopeful conversation, and in many ways is a call to arms. Matt and Megan talk about the state of nature in the UK, our right to protest (including reclaiming the word 'activist'), and how IVF in animals might be able to bring lost and extinct species back to life...and the blurry ethical debate surrounding this.
  • 140. Episode 140: Kate Rawles, Adventure Plus

    Episode 140 of The Adventure Podcast features cyclist, writer, environmentalist and academic, Kate Rawles. Kate has a pretty expansive background. She spent a decade working as a lecturer in Outdoor Studies, teaching big picture environmental issues, as well as being a freelance outdoor philosopher, writer, and environmental campaigner. In 2006 she set out to complete the first of her 'Adventure Plus' journeys, The Carbon Cycle, where she cycled from Texas to Alaska, following the spine of the Rockies and exploring North American attitudes to climate change. Matt and Kate also talk about her more recent 'Adventure Plus' journey, where she cycled from Colombia to Cape Horn on a self-built bamboo bike. Kate's determination, passion, and positive outlook on sustainability and finding suitably radical solutions comes across clearly. It's a thought-provoking, and at times, challenging conversation.
  • 139. Episode 139: Leon McCarron, Wounded Tigris

    Episode 139 of The Adventure Podcast features the return of award-winning writer, broadcaster and explorer, Leon McCarron. Leon is likely best known for his long distance expeditions; over the past decade he’s travelled over 50,000km on foot. Matt has spoken with Leon in a previous episode, however he's come back to talk about his new book which details his latest major expedition - in 2021, Leon journeyed the full length of the Tigris River, taking him through Turkey, Syria and Iraq. The river was the lifeblood of ancient Mesopotamia, and is now under serious threat. This episode is longer than normal, as there's so much to cover - from Leon’s personal views on modern day Iraq and why he chooses to live there, through to the intricate details of the journey and what he experienced and discovered on that river.
  • 138. Episode 138: Mikey Schaefer, Placing Value

    Episode 138 of The Adventure Podcast features alpinist, cinematographer and photographer, Mikey Schaefer. Mikey is a big name in the climbing world, and is renowned for his world class ascents and commitment to the vertical life. You might also know him as part of the crew behind the Oscar-winning Free Solo. Matt met Mikey on a Nat Geo expedition last summer and they spent 6 weeks together navigating some of Greenland’s unclimbed walls. In this episode, they chat about Mikey's background and early days in Yosemite Valley, as well as discussing views on the world of alpinism, reflecting on where he's at with his climbing today, and what it means to find and place value.
  • 137. Episode 137: Chris Burkard, It Should Always Be Scary

    Episode 137 of The Adventure Podcast features photographer, Chris Burkard. Chris is an icon in the adventure world. His images showcasing untamed, powerful landscapes, have gone on to define a corner of the adventure photography genre. In this episode Matt talks to Chris about his humble background and his journey into surfing, adventure and photography. They drift into armchair philosophy mode, and go heavy on ethics and personal values.
  • 136. Episode 136: Tim Howell, At The Edge

    Episode 136 of The Adventure Podcast features para-alpinist, Tim Howell. Tim is an extremely accomplished base jumper and wingsuit pilot, as well as an expert rock, ice and alpine climber, and an ex-marine. In this episode, Tim speaks to Matt about becoming the first person to climb and jump from the six classic north faces of the Alps. They also discuss Tim's decision to head to the frontline of Ukraine. This episode is packed with adrenaline, but also features some more considered conversations on how to live a life on your terms, finding a niche, and doing what you believe to be right.
  • 135. Episode 135: Sam Branson, Striving

    Episode 135 of The Adventure Podcast features adventurer, charity founder, filmmaker, and singer songwriter, Sam Branson. Sam was born into a life of privilege, but as you will come to hear, is acutely aware of who he is and where he comes from. Matt was only willing to have this conversation if Sam was willing to go deep and be challenged with a few tougher questions. He is clearly comfortable with who and what he is, and his life and journey are fascinating in so many ways. They talk about the burden of privilege, the dangers of resentment, and the importance of personal growth.If you’d like to learn more about Sam, you can follow him on IG @bransonsam and music @wavesrushin.
  • 134. Episode 134: Hugo Tagholm, Turning the Tide

    Episode 134 of The Adventure Podcast features ocean activist, conservationist, and surfer, Hugo Tagholm. Hugo spent over a decade leading Surfers Against Sewage, and is now Executive Director and Vice President of Oceana UK. He is knowledgable, accomplished, passionate and exceptionally committed. In this episode, Matt and Hugo discuss the state of our oceans, the issues which face them, and what needs to be done to protect the place where so many of us love to play.
  • 133. Episode 133: Adam Raja, Redefining

    Episode 133 of The Adventure Podcast features climber, photographer, and activist, Adam Raja. Adam also works as a marketeer for Protect Our Winters UK. He first spoke to Matt almost a year ago but that episode was never released. After spending more time together, they became good friends and Adam opened up to Matt, resulting in this re-record. In this episode, Adam speaks honestly about what it was like growing up in Glaswegian gangs, and how he was arrested, and ultimately sent to prison for possession of Class A drugs. On his release, Adam decided to alter his life's path. He goes on to tell Matt how the discovery of Glen Coe changed everything. It's a raw, honest, and inspirational story.You can watch Adam's episode of Berghaus, The Ascension Series (created by Matt and the Coldhouse team) here: