cover art for REMEMBERING, Episode Two - Intersection

The 3:57 by William E. Spear

REMEMBERING, Episode Two - Intersection

Ep. 2

Orphaned and homeless teenager, Chris Rowe, has received a car while looking for a better life. Everything seems great until the car stops in a busy intersection.

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  • 1. REMEMBERING, Episode One - Leave

    Orphaned and homeless teenager Chris Rowe has decided to look for a better life. After 90 minutes of walking, a set of keys with a note that reads, "Bring the keys to row Z, number one thousand and nine" is found. It is the beginning of a 20-year adventure.
  • 3. REMEMBERING, Episode Three - No Money

    After surviving a near collision when the Odyssey refused to move from an intersection, Chris has run out of gas. But without any money, the teenager's journey for a better life seems to be coming quickly to an end.
  • 4. REMEMBERING, Episode Four - Fitting In

    Chris has run out of luck and is leaving the diner when the manager says, "I have an idea."
  • 5. REMEMBERING, Episode Five - Terms and Conditions

    Nearly two years ago, Chris Rowe went looking for a better life . . . and found one! But the teenager will receive information that forces a choice between staying in the new life or giving it up.
  • 6. REMEMBERING, Episode Six - The Mount Rushmore of Nobodies

    Chris Rowe's better life has been interrupted by a search to find a dying stranger. But will the teenager find her in time?
  • 7. REMEMBERING, Episode Seven - How Do You Know Me

    Chris went with the talking car to search for a dying stranger. But, unexpectedly, she knew the teenager. Chris wants to know how. 
  • 8. REMEMBERING, Episode Eight - Reconciled

    Zoey is recovering from hypothermia in her hospital room and telling Chris of their past connection. But the teenager doesn't want any memories of home and changes the direction of the conversation.   Hosted by William E. Spear  
  • 9. REMEMBERING, Episode Nine - Lesson Learned

    Chris realizes why Zoey was rescued and argues with the talking car. Furious over losing a chance at a better life, the soon-to-be-twenty-year-old drives for a day and a half without saying a word to the Odyssey. When finally stopping for a dinner of shrimp, cornbread, and sweet tea, Chris enjoys more than just a meal.