That's So Chronic

A weekly podcast where performer, writer, and MS-er Jess Brien interviews people from around the world that are thriving - and sometimes only just surviving - with chronic illnesses, life changing injuries and potentially disastrous diagnoses. In each episode we discover the positive, difficult, inspiring and random things as we dive deeper into the guests' lives.

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Cover art: Molly's Pink Creative

Music: Omar Chakor

Disclaimer: Here at That's So Chronic we are sharing personal stories and are not advocating any type of treatment, therapy, procedure or intervention. Everyone is unique so please seek professional medical advice before making any decisions for yourself or for others.

Jess Brien

A born storyteller, Jess Brien is a performer, writer, yoga instructor, and world traveller. During her final year of drama school in 2014, Jess was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is obsessed with documentaries, the colour yellow, and is a completely different person before her morning coffee. When Jess isn't performing or traveling the world she can usually be found laughing at her own jokes. Find out more at