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A tour through the historical, geographical, natural and human background to the world of adventure writer Wilbur Smith

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  • That Wilbur Smith Show : Series Two Trailer

    In That Wilbur Smith Show Wilbur co-writer historian Tom Harper and author and Wilbur fan Christopher Winn explore the exhilarating world of adventure writer Wilbur Smith, one of the greatest story tellers of all time, by talking to a star-studded array of special guests, adventurers, historians, authors, academics and fans about the exotic places and thrilling historical events that feature in Wilbur’s books.

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  • 24. 24. Birds of Prey Part 2 - Elephant Lagoon

    In this action packed second episode on Birds of Prey Tom and Diana describe how Hal Courtney and his companions escape from their Dutch prison in the Castle of Good Hope and travel across the wilds of Southern Africa to confront once more their mortal enemy the Buzzard at Elephant Lagoon.
  • 23. 23. Birds of Prey Part 1 Treasure and treachery

    In the first of a series of episodes chronicling the Courtneys through the 17th century Tom and Diana celebrate the opening part of one of Wilbur’s most epic novels, Birds of Prey, a tale of treasure, treachery, pirates, love and betrayal set against the Anglo Dutch War and the founding of the world’s most beautiful city, Cape Town
  • 22. 22. The Zambezi with Professor Malyn Newitt

    The great rivers of Africa were a constant feature in Wilbur Smith’s adventures and in this episode Tom and Diana explore the Zambezi and the majestic Victoria Falls with the expert help of Professor Malyn Newitt author of 'The Zambezi - a History’, learning about the peoples who have lived alongside, traded on and depended upon the river and how the nature and shape of the river is changing due to modern development.
  • 21. 21. 2023 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize

    In this special episode Tom and Diana look back over the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize Award ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society in London with prize winner Emma Styles and Wilbur and Niso Smith Foundation director Georgina Brown
  • 20. 20. Slavery - the Struggle for Abolition with Adam Hochschild

    Tom and Diana discuss the struggle for the Abolition of Slavery with lecturer, historian and journalist Adam Hochschild, examining the circumstances that led to the emergence of the movement to ban slavery in the late 18th, early 19th centuries.
  • 19. 19. The Great Zimbabwe

    Tom and Diana discuss the mysterious and misunderstood Great Zimbabwe stone settlement with Professor Joost Fontein of Johannesburg University