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A tour through the historical, geographical, natural and human background to the world of adventure writer Wilbur Smith

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  • 16. 16. Testament

    In episode 16 Tom and Diana take a look at Testament, coming up with plenty of tantalising teasers and good reasons why this, the latest Wilbur Smith book, is an exhilarating must read!

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  • 15. 15. Wilbur Smith Inspiring Adventures

    In this special episode Tom and Diana discuss the making of the documentary Wilbur Smith Inspiring Adventures with the film's director Aidan Woodward.
  • 14. 14. A Falcon Flies Part 2 The Prophecy

    In Episode 14 of That Wilbur Smith Show Tom and Diana take a look at the second part of A Falcon Flies, in which Robyn and Zuga venture into the unknown Eden they have seen from the mountain top and go their separate ways, each finding ancient civilisations and treasures while meeting with adventure and adversity.
  • 13. 13. A Falcon Flies part 1 Introducing the Ballantynes

    In this episode Tom and Diana take a look at A Falcon Flies, in which we are introduced to the Ballantynes, Robyn and Zuga as, against the background of the slave trade, they travel up the Zambezi into the uncharted interior of Africa in search of their father.
  • 12. 12. Birds of Prey - End of the Dutch Golden Age

    Tom and Diana take a look at Birds of Prey and the End of the Dutch Golden Age. This is the earliest book chronologically in the Courtney saga, and tells the story of Sir Francis and Hal Courtney, the first of the Courtney’s to land in Africa, as they take on the might of the Dutch East India Company
  • 11. 11. Courtney's War - The Battle of Stalingrad

    Tom and Diana discuss Wilbur’s book Courtney’s War with its vivid depiction of the horrors of the Battle of Stalingrad, a conflict with disturbing similarities to today’s war in Ukraine.
  • 10. 10. Ancient Egypt 2 with Professor Joann Fletcher

    In this episode Tom and Diana continue to discuss River God and life in Ancient Egypt with renowned Egyptologist Professor Joann Fletcher.