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Arsenal's number one joins the podcast to discuss all of the important things: Draught excluders, bedtime routines for PL managers and examples of the finest Housery. Plus Aaron details how goalkeepers' influence on a team's style of play is growing, him and Dave strike up a friendship over a laptop and stats and there's an update on the Laout, the fantasy football forfeit and Chris' foot massager.

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  • Sir Elton John's love and wealth of football knowledge revealed x That Peter Crouch Podcast

    Over the years we have had some big names on the podcast, but it is safe to say that Sir Elton John could be up there with the biggest and best one yet (move over Prince William)Crouchy, Chris and Starkie leave the pub this week and take a trip down to Chris’ stomping ground - Watford. Here they met up with global icon and former majority shareholder of Watford F.C to get an insight on one man’s love of football and his old pal Graham Taylor. In his new book, ‘Watford Forever’ Sir Elton details Watford’s meteoric rise up the football pyramid to some of their most memorable moments and missed opportunities - and he is as every bit as entertaining as you would expect him to be.So sit back, dig out your best pair of shades and enjoy this week’s That Peter Crouch Podcast. 00:00 Elton John's Podcast Introduction02:27 Vicarage Road Experience04:59 Pre-match nerves06:40 Festive Football 11s and Listeners' Messages09:54 Managerial Habits and Football Nostalgia15:27 Sir Elton John20:11 Community in Football21:32 Club Ownership23:21 Relationship with Graham Taylor24:57 Favourite Players26:21 Scouting & Development27:31 FA Cup Memories29:20 Watford Forever30:56 Cherished Career Moments32:19 Football & Financial Changes39:40 Beyond Music47:34 Chairman's Influence on Game Days52:21 Anecdotes of Football Club Owners
  • SID’S has never turned on WHAT?! X That Peter Crouch Podcast

    In the week that the world of football lost the giant of the game that is Terry Venables, the lads take a brief look at his impact and achievements not only on the game but on themselves as players. In furthering sobering news, 2 of the lads were unable to secure any points over last weekend’s games (no prizes for guessing who) whilst our runaway success story of the series continued with an admirable 4 points. The lads also discuss their plans for the upcoming festivities as well as their slight annoyance at never being asked to turn on their hometown Christmas lights - hard hitting stuff we know. Looking forward to this week, the lads are analysing Newcastle v Man U, Burnley v Sheff Utd and Brentford v Luton.Stay tuned for a big clue on the Minister of Mischief’s big teaser on what one of the lads will be facing for this year’s forfeit. 00:00 Intro and tribute to Terry Venables03:02 Christmas Turn-ons08:28 Last week’s results11:57 Brenford v Luton 18:19 Newcastle vs. Manchester United 22:14 Forfeit Update25:17 Footy shirts27:39 Bolo ZendenSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #AD 
  • When big fixture announcements mess up your christmas holidays x That Peter Crouch Podcast

    Fixtures Episode On this week’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Crouchy, Chris and Sid’s are talking all things fixture lists. With the busy holiday fixture season fast approaching, the lads thought it was only right to give an insight in to what it is really like as a player when the season fixtures are announced. The lads are answering questions like; what are the big fixtures you always look for on the calendar, how the fixture list affects fans as much as the players and the significance of that big opening fixture after your pre season fitness camp. With Christmas around the corner, it is only right that the lads also revisit some of the more memorable Christmas clashes and some questionable performances by players who try and pull a fast (yellow) one and get themselves some extra time off over the Yuletide season. All this and much more, only on That Peter Crouch Podcast!00:00 Intro03:01 Importance of Fixtures in Football06:30 The Opener09:04 Christmas Fixtures13:41 Christmas Eve Controversy16:55 FA Cup Matches 20:26 The Big One21:48 Draws and perceptions24:21 Champions League 31:36 The big impactSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #AD 
  • The Devil Wears…..Pink? x That Peter Crouch Podcast

    After week’s of getting sh*t about their fashion choices, the lads have decided to seek some professional help and reach out to a stylist. Leave your thoughts in the comments on who you think went for the full high fashion attire!After the international break, the boys are back to business as usual giving their insights on some of the big fixtures ahead this coming weekend, including; Man City v Liverpool, Man Utd v Everton and Spurs v VillaPete finds himself back on his soap box when it comes to the dietary requirements of some cyclist enthusiasts and you guys have been back in touch with some rather amusing football shirt sh*te. There have also been some big movements on the Paddy Power forfeit this week so watch this space, it’s gonna be a belter!00:21 Intro01:17 International break04:46 Point deductions10:23 Pre Predictions17:03 Steve Sidwell, ex Arsenal player20:24 BBQ Banter22:02 Paddy Power Forfeit25:16 Any allergies, Sir?28:12 Shirt name gameSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #AD
  • That Pre-Season Chat x That Peter Crouch Podcast

    On today’s episode, in the spirit of their pre-Christmas preparations, the Crouchy, Chris and Sids take a minute to talk about all things pre season preparations. Crouchy and Sids bring Chris up to speed on what life is like for a young player coming up the ranks with those first few pre season camps and the type of atmosphere, activities and discipline you learn to expect during your early career. Never ones to shy away from a bit of hard work, the lads talk of the pleasure they would get out of being the senior heroes tea b*tches and shoe shiners knowing full well one day they would graduate to have their own. From struggling to get back into that peak season form and the potential fat shaming you could bring upon yourself, the pre season camps are no joke (although we had a laugh revisiting them)We also hear from some of our listeners who have tried to bring the now infamous Eggy Boff game to a new level with potentially disastrous consequences!All this, and much more, only on That Peter Crouch Podcast!00:34 Intro03:31 First Preseason Experiences10:03 Tea B*tches16:19 Boys on tour19:46 Preseason Training Environments21:12 Ze Germans!23:47 There’s method to the madness31:12 Health is wealth40:56 Skillz for days45:42 Peace Cup50:26 Community Shield 53:13 Eggy Boff v PauseFollow our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - 
  • That Virtual Experience x That Peter Crouch Podcast

    Whilst Peter suns himself away in Dubai, the lads are forced to do a remote record - expect awkward pauses and talking over each other galore, the full virtual experience. As expected, Chris continues to trail in the weekly puddictions, whilst Mr M&S himself only extended his lead to a measly 1 point - what a trifle!With it being the international break the lads give their best insight into those nail biting fixture including; San Marino v Kazakhstan, England v Malta and N’ Ireland v Finland. For those of you not as enthralled by the international break as us, Paddy Power has the thing for you:A completely Free bet: Online Exclusive. Opt-in required. Available to new & existing customers. Max free bet varies from €/£1 - €/£25 per customer. Free bet valid at Cheltenham on Saturday 18th November 2023. Free bet will be available from 9am Friday 17th November. If you have been excluded from promotions by Paddy Power, you won’t receive the free bet. Please Gamble Responsibly 18+. Full T&C’s available at paddypower.coChumbawamba Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • Puddings aren't just massive!

    🎄✨ Unwrap the enchantment of the season with The Peter Crouch Podcast as they join forces with M&S Food to present a Christmas advert like never before! 🎅 In this festive collaboration, immerse yourself in the hilarity as a young Steven Sidwell encounters Peter Crouch, who takes on the role of the mystical Father Christmas. Watch as joy and laughter abound, with the towering Peter Crouch spreading holiday cheer alongside the wide-eyed young Steven Sidwell. 🔥 But hold on, it's not all sugar and spice! Join Chris Stark as he hilariously embodies the role of an angry "BBQC" (barbecue connoisseur) of a father, adding a dash of spice to the holiday cheer. The laughs are guaranteed, and the Christmas spirit is in full swing!🙌 A massive shoutout to M&S for turning the seemingly absurd dreams of The Peter Crouch Podcast into a Christmas miracle! 🌟 From podcast banter to a festive masterpiece, this collaboration showcases the power of fun, friendship, and the spirit of giving during the most wonderful time of the year.👀 Don't miss out on the joyous spectacle—click play, share the laughter, and let The Peter Crouch Podcast and M&S Food make your Christmas season a little brighter. 🎁✨ Subscribe, like, and spread the holiday cheer with this heartwarming and comical Christmas advert that is sure to become a holiday favourite! 🎉 #CrouchmasMiracle #PodcastMagic #M&SCrouchChristmas 🎅🍔Chumbawamba Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #Crouchfest. #AD
  • Crouchfest 3

    It is the moment you have all been waiting for…..For all of you who were unable to attend on the night, or for those of you who did and wanted to relive the extravaganza again, strap yourselves in for Crouchfest 3. Enjoy a glimpse of some of the banter and badinage that went down on the night and some of our highlights from the evening, including Blind date and a darts tournament that put even the Ally Pally to shame. We also caught up with some of the talent from the night as they joined us backstage to give their take on one of the biggest events in the calendar as well as from some of our de hard listeners who made it down on the night and made the show that extra bit special. Crouchfest 3 - The Trilogy Complete. Chumbawamba Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #Crouchfest
  • Gluten 3 Puddings?! x That Peter Crouch Podcast

    In the aftermath of an unbelievable Chelsea v Tottenham clash, the lads are back in action giving their hot take on the goals, red cards and VAR in last weekend’s premier league clashes. Looking forwards, the boys are still trying to stitch themselves up when it comes to the forfeit although we still need input from you guys on how to supercharge this! This week’s analysed games are; Chelsea v Man City, West Ham v Nottingham Forest and Brighton v Sheffield United. We also get an insight none of us knew we needed into the mind of Peter Crouch and his (gluten) intolerant views If you want to get involved - leave your predictions in the comments and let the lads know what you think of theirs! Enjoy!00:08 Introduction 02:21 Forfeits05:52 Chelsea vs. Manchester City09:04 West Ham vs. Nottingham Forest12:17 Brighton vs. Sheffield United20:46 (Gluten) Intolerant PeteSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast #AD