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Scoreboard Sh*thousery: Peter Crouch Calls Out Chris Stark

Well, well, well…..what a footballing start to the year it has been for Master Stark. Not only has he been able to nab a 3 pointer but he’s extended his lead on Crouchy and Sids after another very successful weekend. 

But fear not, it is straight back to the business end for the lads who are on fine form this week. 

Crouchy, Chris and Sids give their hot take on Ivan Toney’s controversial return to the Premier league, and Notorious is on hand to share some of his most memorable moments with the man, the myth, the legend that is Graham Stack. 

It is also an FA Cup special this week, with the lads looking at Arsenal v Palace, Chelsea v Aston Villa and, of course Chris’ beloved Watford v Southampton. 

Expect some scoring sh*thousery, VAR-cissistic behaviour and some piss poor punditry only on this week’s Friday episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast


00:00 Intro

02:24 Ivan Tony's

06:18 STATO!

07:27 Graham Stack

14:21 Arsenal v Palace

18:09 Chelsea v Aston Villa

22:42 Watford v Southampton

28:25 Shirts and Hob titles

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  • ‘I’ve Been Training With Brentford’ Crouchy Considers a Return to the Prem!

    On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, a very well fed Crouchy, Chris and Sids are joined briefly by the one and only Tony of Tony’s Pie & Mash who is on hand to get the boys game ready ahead of the record. Peter, fresh off the back of a gruelling training session down at Brentford’s training ground is contemplating dusting his shin pads off and getting back in the game full time…..once the back spasms subside. Today, the lads are discussing football journalism and their relationship with the media during their playing days. Steve Snitchwell reveals how dressing rooms can become very dark places when managers no longer feel they can trust their places to treat the dressing room as sacred and the repercussions this can have on the wider team. The lads also dig deep on other famous instances of footballer’s relationships with the media including ‘The Secret footballer’ the identity of whom was once rumoured to be none other than our very own ginger Iniesta. And, to sum it all up, the lads play a very amusing edition of snog, marry, avoid featuring some of Peter’s former favourites…Chumbawamba00:24 Intro05:03 Tony’s Pie and Mash x West Ham09:33 Every Little Helps10:09 Crouchy’s Comeback17:35 Football Journalists28:40 Steve Snitchwell39:13 Anon43:35 The Headliner01:01:00 Memory Lane01:02:24 Listener Messages01:03:48 Cap On, Cap Off01:04:30 Snog, Marry, AvoidSubscribe to more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - 
  • “The race for Top 4 is as big as the title race” Crouchy Weighs in on Fight for Champion’s League

    On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Crouchy and the boys are back where they belong…..down the pub. And whilst Crouchy may have taken a break, the race for glory in the Premier League certainly was not. In what was a fairly underwhelming week in terms of points performance, Peter’s massive 3 point result on the Luton game has brought all the boys neck and neck on points with only a handful of games left to play!In a sure fire sign it is really heating up, Notorious decides to add another layer of jeopardy to the table by throwing a very special bonus point up for grabs during one of the matches - find out how at the end of the episode. The boys also react to some potentially massive news that broke in this week’s world of football ahead of looking forward to this week’s games of Arsenal v Villa, Newcastle v Tottenham and Forest v Wolves. Want to get involved in this week’s predictions? Let us know in the comments below!00:00 Intro03:49 Title Race Catchup 11:23 Arsenal v Villa15:43 Newcastle v Tottenham20:27 Double Jeopardy21:50 Forest v Wolves 26:02 Wedding Signings30:53 Hat Trick!Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • ‘Im Glad Its Out the Game Now’ Pete Opens Up on Some BRUTAL Football Initiations

    On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Pete is coming in live and direct from Dubai where he has been sunning himself for the past couple of weeks. In Pete’s absence, Chris and Sid’s have been trawling the emails for some of their favourite messages from you guys throughout the season that we haven’t been able to feature so far! We lift the lid on some of the harsher initiations that he had to go through, as well as some of the more heartwarming moments that helped team bonding. We also hear about Abdul, a legendary coach driver who risked it all to make sure one of our listeners was able to make it down to Wembley, which prompts Pete to tell a hilarious anecdote from the time he shared a cab with the legend that is Vinnie Jones.And in a shocking turn of events, Mr #BBQc himself relives the time his life was almost tragically cut short in what would have been the most ironic way for him to shift off this mortal coil. Enjoy this special messages episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast!00:27 Intro06:36 Legendary Coach Drivers10:05 Home and Away17:48 David Ginola Taught Me How to Kiss22:30 Pro v Pundit26:21 Haters gonna hateSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • ‘It’s The Biggest Fixture of the Season’ Pete Ramps Up the Heat For The Big Weekend Fixture

    It is another holiday special episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, with the Crouchy and Sids both abandoning Britain’s green and pleasant lands for warmer waters further afar. But have no fear, thanks to the wonders of modern technology we are able to bring 2/3 of your favourite trio back together to give their predictions on this weekend’s big games!After Sids was the only one who managed to get his name on the scoresheet last weekend, with his points being doubled due to his use of the Paddy Power boost, it seems that this year’s title could be slipping away from Pete.......However, don’t write him off yet, there is still plenty of football to go and only a mere 3 points separating him and the top spot….it is certainly all to play for. Stay tuned for the lads predictions on Man Utd v Liverpool, Luton v Bournemouth and Sheff Utd v Chelsea as well as a message from the lovely Susie Dent who has some ‘eye opening’ information on the origins of the term Daisycutter in football. Want to get involved? Leave your predictions and Forfeit ideas in the comments below!00:00 Intro03:30 BIC-ause You’re Worth It…14:05 Margot Robbie?!17:18 Manchester United v Liverpool 20:20 Luton v Bournemouth 23:18 Sheffield United v Chelsea 27:16 Mr and Mrs Potatoe34:25 DaisyCutterSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • ‘He Was Probably The Best Flicker I’ve Seen’ Crouchy Exposes BIZARRE Gym Rituals

    On today’s Episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, the lads are lifting the lid on exactly what happens in the gym at a Premier League Club. We hear about the players that like to avoid the gym at all costs yet seem to maintain a god like physique all year round as well as others who are more concerned with making your ears bleed than achieving a PB on bench press. Crouchy also talks about how there is now more emphasis not just on staying physically fit but mentally fit in today’s game compared to when him and Steve where still in the dressing room. Chris, who is currently on his own fitness and well being journey also talks about how getting down the gym is changing his outlook on life. In other business, the lads have a very informative message from Countryfile’s very own Adam Henson who explains why Anderson had exactly the right idea when putting his money into cattle and the lads answer your burning question on which football ground provides the best food when the lads are on comms…Chumbawamba00:00 Intro05:38 Adam Henson08:20 Evolution of Gym Culture in Football16:18 Man Mana-gymt20:32 Gym Flicks 25:21 Mental Fitness31:07 ‘He is a freak’41:23 Lost in Translation44:33 Goalie Hat50:32 Tony’s Pie and MashSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram -
  • "Players From This Club Always Skipped England Games"

    Where to start? Another week, another credibility damaging set of results but the important thing is the boys are back (hopefully stronger) for another set of predictions.On this week’s episode Crouchy has disappeared to Dubai, meanwhile Chris & Sids wallow in the British weather warnings. We also look into Chris’ latest parching and why the Podcast is everything that Mikel Arteta would hate. The games the lads are attempting to predict this week are Manchester City V Arsenal, Brentford v Manchester United & Newcastle V West Ham. Make sure you get in touch and send in your predictions/ Make sure you all stick around to the end to hear Susie Dent back educating us all about the origins of the word bottle job.
  • From Bench to Brilliance: Celebrating Football's Greatest Bench Warmers

    On this week’s episode Crouchy has finally recovered from his illness enough to escape the ‘house arrest’ San Marino had placed him under. So he joins the rest of the boys back in the pub discussing substitutes and Paddy Power’s new Super Sub offer.Sidwell and Crouchy recall some of their bench warming highlights (Crouchy has plenty of these from his last few years before retirement!) from quick reactions to claim an assist to the joys of only playing for five minutes and taking all the headlines. Chris also confesses his back to back most improved player award and tries to rebrand and address the stigma around this award as we start to nominate players for That Peter Crouch Podcast 23/24 Most Improved Player. Head over to Paddy Power to get involved with their super sub offer. Valid on selected leagues and markets only. Applies to pre-match and in-play singles, multiples and bet builder bets on qualifying Player outcome selections. If Super Sub comes on and wins your bet for you, it will only be settled at full time. Does not apply to Power Prices & retail bets. T&Cs and exclusions apply.Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • England v Brazil: Lads Give Their Take on a MASSIVE International Fixture

    On todays episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Crouchy, Chris and Sid’s are left reeling from ANOTHER stinker of a weekend. With no points all round, the lads are welcoming the upcoming international break which will hopefully help boost them out of their current performance struggles. We get the boys’ hot take on the recent news surrounding the Forest’s 4 point deduction and just what this will mean for this season’s relegation battle.Pete also shares his opinion on Ben White’s decision not to play for England during this summer’s Euro tournament and if it is wver acceptable to turn down playing for the three lions.And to round this week’s podcast off, we are back over to dictionary corner where the lovely Susie Dent is telling us exactly what the relationship is between a nutmeg and a Lancashire cuckhold! Chumbawamba
  • ‘Beck’s Was The One Who Started It All’ Pete Talks Football’s Most LUCRATIVE Endorsements

    On this week’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, we have a bit of a different set up as sick note Pete continues to be shackled to San Marino’s side. It is a double whammy of disappointment for Sid’s and Chris who are not only deprived of their weekly pint with the bigman but also of an interview with King Cantona himself. The Man Utd legend sadly pulled out of today’s interview after realising this may not have been the best platform to host an interview WITHOUT mentioning his football career.But fear not, the lads have still got a belter lined up for you. Crouchy, Chris and Sids are talking all things endorsements. Pete reveals that he would have signed for anyone who could have sorted him an Adidas rig out and the real reason benchwarmers would be overjoyed being an unused sub at a champions league final. From Bovril, to M&S and even Gerrard’s cast offs - it’s safe to say there are not many gigs Pete hasn’t done and he isn’t afraid to get into the gory details of this entails! Also, stay tuned for Pete’s rant of the season when he takes aim at the state of modern footballers, you won’t want to miss it. ChumbawambaSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast