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‘Beck’s Was The One Who Started It All’ Pete Talks Football’s Most LUCRATIVE Endorsements

On this week’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, we have a bit of a different set up as sick note Pete continues to be shackled to San Marino’s side. 

It is a double whammy of disappointment for Sid’s and Chris who are not only deprived of their weekly pint with the bigman but also of an interview with King Cantona himself. The Man Utd legend sadly pulled out of today’s interview after realising this may not have been the best platform to host an interview WITHOUT mentioning his football career.

But fear not, the lads have still got a belter lined up for you. Crouchy, Chris and Sids are talking all things endorsements. Pete reveals that he would have signed for anyone who could have sorted him an Adidas rig out and the real reason benchwarmers would be overjoyed being an unused sub at a champions league final. 

From Bovril, to M&S and even Gerrard’s cast offs - it’s safe to say there are not many gigs Pete hasn’t done and he isn’t afraid to get into the gory details of this entails! 

Also, stay tuned for Pete’s rant of the season when he takes aim at the state of modern footballers, you won’t want to miss it. 


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    It has been an exciting week for Crouchy and Chris who both met one of their childhood crushes Joan Collins and were so captivated they found themselves in a bidding war trying to secure an afternoon dinner date…..From one Dynasty to another, it is back to pod business as usual, and on today’s episode, Steve Paidwell has been good enough to bring down a few of his former professional contracts from his former glory days. We look at some of the weird clauses teams put in to prevent players injuring themselves or anyone else, questionable bonus structures for ‘doing your job’ and what happens when the club tries to take over your wardrobe. And it isn’t just the contract clauses that leave the lads in disbelief this week….we make a discovery that Steve Drawswell has quite the penchant for art, let us know your thoughts on his efforts in the comments below! 00:00 Intro07:58 Freshers' Week20:54 The Business End30:28 Transfer Requests41:51 Crazy Clauses55:07 Steve Drawswell01:01:07 On Another PlanetSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
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    After the season had ended we all thought the squeaky bum time was over. However strap yourself in for another final 20 minutes of a very squeaky bum as there is one final twist in our league.We also confirm the forfeit on todays pod so stay tuned to see the misery the loser will go through.Of course we have to round up the season in typical podcast style with a horrendous half and half shirt as well as what some are suggesting to be an ‘American Pie’ style situation with a potato salad.Chumbawamba Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • End of Season Review: Crouchy and The Boys Give Their Verdicts

    The blood, the sweat, the tears, the drama! This season has had it all and Crouchy, Chris and Sid’s have a lot of opinions on it. That’s right, on today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Pete and the boys are giving their verdict on the Premier League 23/24 season. The lads look at some of the biggest and best moments from this season and are talking all things flops, Klopp, City and shithouses. There are also awards for players and managers of the season and an honourable shout out to one of the most viral moments of the season featuring our very own Peter Crouch. We hope you enjoy this very special edition of That Peter Crouch Podcast.ChumbawambaSubscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • The Decider: This Season’s Final Friday Podcast

    It is here! After a gruelling second half of the season which almost saw the integrity of the Friday podcast repeatedly called in to question, we are officially here - the final. In a dramatic turn of events, last week’s predictions sees Chris Stark and The Notorious SID go into the final fixtures of the season neck and neck on 20 points. With this in mind, things have become awfully tense down the Chumba-one-bar so much so that the lads have resorted to hiding their scores from one another in a bid to avoid the looming forfeit. Outside of their own leaderboard, the lads also give their reaction to Joe Cole’s wonder goal for his Sunday League Premier League All Stars game. Pete also resolves one of his longest running sh*thousery gags of the season. Looking ahead to the final Premier League fixtures of the weekend the lads give their predictions for the Manchester v West Ham, Liverpool v Wolves and Everton v Arsenal. Want to get involved in the pod predictor board? Leave yours in the comments below! Chumbawamba Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
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    We are back again with Watford Legend Troy Deeney! After going through the struggles he went through early on in his career in part 1 last week. We are now digging down on how he established himself as a Watford Legend. While going through the never ending list of Watford managers, we dig down on the ones Troy didn’t see eye to eye with and how it led to him eventually falling out of favour at Watford. Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • “Joe Cole Has Done Me Here” Sids Unimpressed With Joe’s Words Of Wisdom

    On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Crouchy is joined by Sids only as sick note stark has had a bit too much fun over the bank holiday weekend and is paying a brutal price. With only two weeks left to go until the loser of this seasons title race is decided, the claws are coming out and Steve Sidwell has pulled out the big guns and got Joe Cole to give his advice on who will be triumphant in this weekend’s Man Utd v Arsenal fixture…..and sids aint happy. The lads also talk about the current form of Haaland and whether they think the criticism he has received of late from some of his critics is fair or if this is just a display of his killer mentality. The lads also reserve some time for a special shout out to Bromley captain Byron Webster whose massive moment last weekend helped to secure their promotion to the EFL for the first time in their 132 year history. And finally, there is some massive news on the Paddy Power forfeit which has got the lads sh*tting themselves, and rightfully so - so stay tuned for this!If you want to get involved in our mini league - let us know your predictions in the comments below for the Man Utd v Arsenal, Tottenham v Burnley and Bournemouth v Brentford fixtures!ChumbawambaChumbawamba Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • ‘I’m A bit Disappointed In You’ Troy Deeney’s Harsh Words For Chris Stark PT 1

    On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, we sit down with Watford club hero Troy Deeney!This one has been too long in the making, and Troy makes his feeling clear to Watford superfan Chris Stark that he’s been awaiting his call!Never one to shy away from the facts, Troy opens up about his unorthodox journey into the Premier League and how he owes his big break to his Mum’s Saturday cleaning schedule!The lads discuss contract negotiations, motivation to stay in the game and how to handle managers and owners who are reluctant to hold up their end of the bargain. In the first episode of this two part interview, Troy also talks candidly about the impact that his time in prison had him not only personally but also professionally. Join us next week for part 2!Chumbawamba Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • “They’ve F*cked Me” Where Did it All Go Wrong for Steven Sidwell?

    On this week’s Friday edition of That Peter Crouch Podcast, things get a bit tense down the pub as Steven Sidwell continues to tumble down the leaderboard after a HOWLER prediction on the North London Derby. Crouchy continues his march to glory in what has been one of the biggest comebacks in football results since Istanbul and, in the words of the big man himself ‘Cream will always rise to the top’ The lads look at the recent drama surrounding Liverpool, their losses, arguments on the touchline and the incoming arrival of the Arne Slot as Klopp’s replacement. With only a couple of weekends to go until this season wraps up the lads are feeling the heat and calling in their Paddy Power boosts. Pete and Chris sieve through their extensive contact list which has some hilarious and unexpected consequences…..And stay tuned for the lovely Susie Dent who schools the lads on some sexy stanchion statistics!!Chumbawamba Subscribe to our Clips page For more Peter Crouch: Twitter - Therapy Crouch - For more Chris Stark Twitter - - more Steve Sidwell Twitter - Instagram - #PeterCrouch #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast
  • Inside Scoop: Will Tyson Fury Fight Anthony Joshua? Frank Warren Answers

    On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Crouchy, Chris and Sids sit down with boxing promoter and lifelong Arsenal fan Frank Warren.As Tyson Fury is gearing up for his undisputed heavy weight bout with Oleksandr Usyk, Frank reflects on Fury’s high’s and low’s in his career and gives insight on how Fury has been preparing.We look ahead to the 1st of June where Queensberry face off against Matchroom in the blockbuster 5 v 5 and dissect how the Saudi involvement has already managed to create boxing history.And stay tuned for a guest appearance from Kitman Kev while Steve Boxwell recovers from being in awe of Frank Warren for the best part of an hour.00:00 - Evolution of Boxing Promotion and Arsenal11:03 - Boxing Regulations and Entertainment Dynamics14:09 - Heavyweight Boxers25:33 - Fighter Selection and Arsenal Fandom37:03 - Passion for Sports and Amazing Encounters40:24 - Legendary Boxing Eras and Wedding 1151:53 - Monkeys Invade South African HotelSubscribe to our Clips page more Peter Crouch:Twitter - Crouch - more Chris StarkTwitter - - more Steve SidwellTwitter - - #ThatPeterCrouchPodcast