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Michael Bublé

Season 3, Ep. 1

To kick off Season 3 - Gaby talks candidly with none other than Michael Bublé. He opens up about the struggles of maintaining such a successful career and the sacrifices he must make to be a good father and husband. He shares personal thoughts about his pursuit for contentment, his unwavering ambition and how he constantly strives for perfection. This honest conversation shows the superstar in a new light.

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  • 29. The Beautiful Game

    The Beautiful Game is a new film, which Gaby absolutely loves and wants everyone to see. She's joined in the studio by Director Thea Sharrock and one of the stars, Sheyi Cole, to talk about this joyous, life-affirming film.It tells the story of the homeless world cup, which was co-founded by Mel Young, who also joins Gaby (and has a cameo on screen) to explain how it all began. They discuss filming during Covid, the importance of sport in bringing people together and how they hope this film will change perceptions.
  • 27. Javeno (J7)

    Javeno runs J7 Health Centre and is full of joy and positivity. He helps train the elderly, the disabled and those who are at the end of their life and we absolutely love his outlook and his energy. In this episode, Javeno shares some incredible stories of hope and resilience with Gaby, and tells her why he does what he does and won't stop.
  • 26. Show n Tell with Andrew Hunter Murray

    QI Elf and bestselling author, Andrew Hunter Murray, joins Gaby to show her the object that brings him joy. We've NEVER had one of these on the podcast before...
  • 25. Andrew Hunter Murray

    QI Elf and No Such Thing As A Fish co-host, Andrew Hunter Murray, joins Gaby for a chat about all things joy.They chat pigs, kangaroos and llamas, as well as his new book and the fascination of knowledge! We reveal some VERY interesting facts in the course of this chat - and some of them you may find....unexpected.
  • 24. Show n Tell with Bonnie Langford

    Bonnie Langford (star of Dr Who and many many other things) shares with Gaby the object that brings her JOY!
  • 23. Bonnie Langford

    Bonnie Langford, star of stage and screen, joins Gaby for a good ole chinwag. They talk about Dr Who, Sondheim, Broadway and The Masked Dancer, among many other things. Bonnie has had the most varied and incredible career - and she is a joy to be around. We hope some of her infectious enthusiasm rubs off whilst listening to this episode!
  • 22. Show n Tell with Todrick Hall

    Todrick Hall joins Gaby to share a little nugget of joy.
  • 21. Todrick Hall

    Todrick Hall joins Gaby for a chat about musical theatre, singing, performing and all things joy. They chat about American Idol, The Masked Singer and appearing on Broadway - as well as his dream stage role. He joined Gaby in London, as he is joining the cast of Wild About You, which is making its worldwide debut at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.We hope you enjoy the chat - and the singing - as much as we did!
  • 20. Show n Tell with Adele Parks

    For our extra Friday nugget, author Adele Parks reveals the object that brings her joy!