That Gaby Roslin Podcast

  • 39. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle joins Gaby to chat all things joy, her love of music and making music - and her brand new album.
  • 38. Show n Tell with Emmanuel Sonubi

    For our little extra nugget of joy this week, comedian Emmanuel Sonubi shares the object that makes him smile and brings him joy!
  • 37. Emmanuel Sonubi

    Comedian Emmanuel Sonubi joins Gaby for a chat about all things joy. Emmanuel started out as a musical theatre performer - and bouncer! In fact, he once forgot to take off his Tina Turner wig before doing a nightshift on the door at a club. This is just one of the many stories he shares from his time in the West End.He also tells Gaby about his love of comedy and singing, his new UK tour - and the joy he finds in the little things. You can find out more about Emmanuel and his tour, here
  • 36. Show n Tell with Sarah Parish and Jim Murray

    Actors Jim Murray and Sarah Parish share with Gaby the objects that bring them joy!
  • 35. Sarah Parish and Jim Murray

    Actors Sarah Parish and Jim Murray join Gaby for a chat about all things joy! They talk about their acting work, their marriage and what makes them happy.
  • 34. Show n Tell with Phantom (from Gladiators)

    Phantom, from Gladiators, shares the item that brings him joy.
  • 33. Phantom (from Gladiators) AKA Toby Olubi

    Toby Olubi (AKA Phantom from Gladiators) joins Gaby for a chat about the things that bring himjoy. He talks about his time as an Olympian, the bobsleigh, set backs and getting the gig of a lifetime and becoming a Gladiator!
  • 32. Show n Tell with Tim Peake

    Astronaut Tim Peake shares the object that brings him joy!
  • 31. Tim Peake

    Astronaut Tim Peake joins Gaby for a natter about space ice cream, amongst other things...Tim has some amazing stories from his time in space, and has seen so much over his lifetime and career. He's also full of joy. We hope you enjoy the chat!