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  • 18. Thank U Snowboarding - S1 - Ep18 - Danny Wheeler

    Danny, for a long time, was far and away the most powerful stylish and progressive rider the UK had produced. He made his presence felt, not just in the UK scene, but internationally, with a heavy bag of tricks and a keen eye on what those tricks looked like. From humble beginnings in Pontefract to a life travelling and snowboarding, filming wih an A list of snowboarders, living in the Alps, countless photos and video parts, to designing outerwear and making films, his career took him far and wide, with progression always on his mind.After snowboarding, his desire for progression took him briefly into graphic design which morphed into an MA in Fine Art, at Chelsea. It woud seem his desire to do things to a high standard wasn't confined to snowboarding.Its hard for me to sum up Dan, he has been a great friend to me over the years, I've had some of the best days on the mountain with him, as well as some of the best social times too. We've been to gigs, discussed art, even had kids at pretty much the same time, as he mentions in this interview, its hard to find good old friends and Dan is one of my best, old friends, a legend in snowboarding and I can't wait until we are both chatting shit on a chairlift and hitting some pow together in the future.There is loads of Dans sections up on the youtube channel right now, check it out at:'ll also be keeping the Instagram rolling all summer, keeping the froth levels high, you can find us @thank_u_snowboarding_podcast on InstagramIf you want to get in touch, please email me at thankusnowboarding@gmail.comIf you want to know more about the Brits, check it out here:

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  • 7. Thank U Snowboarding - S1 - Bonus Episode

    Well, we are nearly there... The last episode for ths winter is coming next week, but in the meantime (which means I haven't recorded it yet) here is a mix of songs from snowboard movies, put together in a fashion by me, which I hope will get you frothing for snowboarding, bring back some happy memories, or both...As you all might know by now, my day job is in music, producing, mixing and DJing, and this project was born out of being booked to play an Absinthe movie premier in London, where I thought it might be more interesting to put together some of my favourite songs from snowboard movies, and run a competition to see who could name all the movies they are from. I don't think anyone got them all, so have a go and let me know how many you have right at thankusnowboarding@gmail.comSee you next week for the last episode before autumn, its gonna be a good one to finish on.Until then, Thank U Snowboarding xx
  • 17. Thank U Snowboarding - S1 - Ep17 - Mark Munson

    For those of you who don't know Mark Munson, and there are probably a lot of you, Mark is one of our cultures true individuals, almost aggresively so. Its fair to say that Mark didn't really want to be part of snowboarding originally. He wanted to acheive, because one of the things you'll learn, is that when Mark does something, he goes all in 100%.Regardless of whether that is skating, snowboarding, his business or growing rhubarb (he grows some fucking banging rhubarb btw) Mark is all in. That attitude to life is something I gravitated too, after hanging out at one fo the board tests many years ago, we lived together in the legendary 35 Rue Desserteaux in Bourg Saint Maurice and have been on many more board tests and snowbaord related endeavours togther. An aggressive pursuit of life led Mark not only to many places on a snowboard, such as being in charge of Duotone snowboards in the Uk, but also skate team manager for Airwalk and later, Duffs, starting a game changing Angling brand, making a book about skate stickers, really, Mark has kicked open doors of opportunity and made them his.We start the podcast with me talking about a time I told Mark that I hate it when people leave kitchen cupboard doors open. Of course, Mark then made it a point to open cupboard doors as much as possible for the rest of the season. Knowing Mark, if he didn't count me as someone he liked and respected, he wouldn't have bothered, but, I took it as his way of showing his friendship that he would make the effort to do this, thats how I saw it anyway. I hope you enjoy this episode, the time flew by as we were talking, which is always a good thing... This episode is supported by The Snowboard Asylum and they have a sale on whcih you can check out here: x
  • 16. Thank U Snowboarding - S1 - Ep16 - Juliet Elliott

    Snowboarder, guitarist, model, influencer, mother. It would be easy to not like someone like Juliet if you just looked at what she has done on paper, but that is a fraction of the story. Juliet has always been a bright eyed girl, stoked on life and what opportunities it has presented, her infectious smile and laugh about how absurd most things are has seen her through some pretty amazing situations without her turning into what those situations could easiy have done.The story of how she ended up as probably the most reluctant cover model for Vogue is a case in point, most models would kill for that to happen, yet Juliet shrugs it off because she'd rather be snowboarding, seeing it more as an absurd thing to happen.The same how she could have easily become a touring guitarist, but it wasn't really her, so she did it for a bit, then didn't do it anymore. Most guitar players would, again, would kill for that opportunity, but Juliet remained true to herself and knew it wasn't where she wanted to be.It would seem she is now very much where she wants to be, her Instagram and life in bikes is her main gig, alongside being a mother and partner, but she has built a life and career doing something she loves, maybe something we'd all kill for right?In this episode we talk about her cover of Vogue which you'll find on our instagram @thank_u_snowboarding_podcastShe also mentions her time playing noisy music in German squats, which you can check out here: you'd like to check out Juliets Insta, then go here: @julietelliottOur friends at The Snowboard Asylum have a sale on now, so go check them out for great deals: I mention The Upbattle next weekend, you can find more info here: it for now, peace x
  • 15. Thank U Snowboarding - S1 - Ep15 - Ian Felton

    Ian Felton orchestrated a few things that have had a lasting impression on UK snowboard culture. From Kaos Mountain Wear, to Kaos The Movie, his work with the British Snowboard Association and the World Snowboard Federation, to running commentary for the BBC at the Olympics.I think Ian realised that Doing It Yourself was the way it was going to have to go, he saw that the ski industry (certainly the UK ski industry) weren't that interested in snowboarding and so to create something, he'd DIY it.Developing a UK brand at the time must have seemed like lunacy, but he had roots in skateboarding and saw the potential of this fledgling sport and put himself into it, but not to be in the spotlight, but to build a team and allow them to do their thing too. There was certainly a humour in it and a certain Britishness, and a strong DIY ethos.Sadly KAOS didn't make it, although I'm holding out for a limited run of purple dressing gowns, as Ian said, it shone bright for a short time.He returned to snowboarding this year with his family, and the light seems to have been reignited, and plans afoot for a gathering in the mountains in the future... You can watch Kaos The Movie here: you'd like to comment on the episode, send us your thoughts on what snowboarding means to you, or send something over for the Instagram, email us at thankusnowboarding@gmail.comIf you need kit or advice, go and see our good friends at The Snowboard Asylum
  • 14. Thank U Snowboarding - S1 - Ep14 - Vicky and Nige Brookes

    Vicky and Nige Brookes are lifers, simple as that. They have built their lives around a love of snowboarding, finding any which way to keep them doing what they love. They started off living in a van in Chamonix doing seasons way back when, and I can tell you, I lived in an Ambulance in Val D'Isere for a week in 94 and came close to dying, so its no mean feat they van lifed it, before there was such a thing as van life.So, having a child that snowboards would seem like a natural extension of their love for the mountains, which they did. The fact that this child got really fucking good is a testament to their love of the sport and their enthusiasm for it. When you chat to Nige ad Vicky, it makes sense, and they have done everything they can to enable Mia to pursue her talent, again, back to the van life in Laax, living frugally to afford Mia the opportunity to ride everyday.You can see that in her riding and the joy that it brings her parents, who are an absolute pleasure to hang out with and are in no way precious about their daughter and the lifestyle that now encompasses them, they seem to embtace it and enjoy the journey.I saw Nige being interviewed at the X Games, and he isn't banging Mia's drum as much as championing snowboarding and womans snowboarding in particular, which is pretty cool, as he could be insular about what Mia could and does acheive, but they are in it for snowboarding, and that is rad.Their own story is as interesting and I think its gonna get a whole lot more interesting as time goes on... I hope there will be a part 2 of this at some point, I'd love to know what Mia thinks about the stories of their parents snowboarding...We mention the Greg Stump movie 'The Blizzard of Ahhh's' which you can check out now on our Youtube channel: you'd like to send us pictures of you riding for our Instagram or a rad story or your thoughts about snowboarding, hit us up at thankusnowboarding@gmail.comIf you need kit for your next trip to the dryslope or mountains, give our friends at The Snowboard Asylum a shout: where you'l aslo find info about their Shred Weeks...I mention the Upbattle splitboarding weekends, if you want to know more about that, check out their one x
  • 13. Thank U Snowboarding - S1 - Ep13 - Matt Barr

    Matt Barr, quietly (mostly) helped shape what UK snowboard culture, and the wider worldwide culture, looked like over the last three decades. Matt recognised his own talents early on, realising he wasn't going to be a pro snowboarder, set about making it his life in other ways. Learning a few tricks from the master of the blag, Chris Moran (he won't mind me saying that) Matt used snowboarding as a means to travel the world on someone elses budget, finding the interesting stories and bringing them back with him, sharing them in the pages of Whitelines and laterly, Transworld Snow.You might think after all those adventures, you might have gotten your lot out of this great lifestyle, but Matt went to on pioneer action sports podcasts with Looking Sideways ( and took that to the great and the good of snowboarding, then into the wider surf, skate and outdoors communities, finding the interesting stories and important issues.As well as this, Matt is owner of All Conditions Media ( going about helping brands deliver their message in a non shit way.As always, we are supported by the lovely people at The Snowboard Asylum, tell them I sent you: mention that Matt came over to my studio to record this, I work as a music producer and mix engineer out of my own studio space, if you are interested you can find that here: you'd like to get in touch with us, share a story or just tell us what snowboarding means to you, then email or find us on Instagram @thank_u_snowboarding_podcast and you can get us on Facebook and Youtube by looking for @thankusnowboardingPeace, out x