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  • 30. Episode 30 : The Man Who Sold His Horse In Tír Na nÓg

    This month, Eddie recounts the curious tale of Dennis O'Rourke and how his meeting with a stranger on the way to the Tulla horse-fair pulls him into Other World. Dennis is drawn into the Big House, a place where caution is called for against every creature that you might encounter. This tale was originally told to Eddie by Jimmy Armstrong, a patient in Our Lady's hospital in Ennis. Jimmy's stories are available in Eddie's recently republished book, The Man In The Big House.

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  • 29. Episode 29 : Irish Wakes

    This month, Eddie brings us an in-depth insight into the traditions surrounding Irish wakes. He speaks about how our relationship with death has changed over time, and the importance of honouring the rituals surrounding it. In particular, Eddie focuses on the games that would occur at wakes, amusements and customs that helped pass the long night with the departed. Arm wrestling, cards, rope climbing and dancing with the dead - all games found at an Irish wake.
  • 28. Episode28 : The Fairies of Corbally Fort

    Eddie recites the frightening tale of what happens when two farmers from Quin in Co. Clare interfere with the Good People who called Corbally fort their home. On an October's evening, Pat and Sean were returning home from an unproductive day's hunting. On glimpsing a goose on the grounds of the fort, a rifle shot rang out and the two men thought their hunting luck was improving. What they didn't realise was the true nature of the beast they had just injured, and the retribution that would follow their actions.This tale is taken from Eddie's recently republished story collection entitled 'The Man In The Big House'.If you enjoy the stories in this podcast, you can support us through the donations page, or purchase books directly from Eddie through his online store.Support - -
  • 27. Episode 27 : Animals in Irish Folklore Part2

    Dogs and cats and horses and rats. Eddie explores how these animals have long been the subject of Irish folklore stories, and what messages or foreboding they may bring. He explains the long held belief that dogs and horses have the gift of seeing the Other, especially in the dark of night. Eddie also recalls the terrible fate that may befall you if you offended a poet and they decided to send the rats on you out of spite.
  • 26. Episode 26 - The Banshee

    This month, Eddie speaks of the banshee in Irish culture, and the fear her wail instilled in those who heard it. The banshee, or the badhbh as she is also known, is a female spirit who gives a warning of impending death. Eddie reflects on a frightening story once told to him by an elderly man that left him convinced that the banshee is more than just a dark figure of the imagination.
  • 25. Episode 25 : Graveyards

    Eddie speaks about the macabre subject of graveyards in Ireland, and the rituals and piseogs that surround them. He explains the delicate process of burying a body, and what charms and objects may be placed in the grave, from a deck of cards to a fiddle bow. He also mentions the care required around one's behaviour in a graveyard, unless they wish to find that the next hole being dug is one intended for themselves.
  • 24. Episode 24 : The Place Names of Ireland (Part 2)

    Continued from Eddie's previous discussion last month, Eddie picks up where he left off on his journey into the place names of Ireland. Listing each town through it's Irish translation, he continues to build a visual landscape from the names of towns and villages. Part 2 or a 2 part series.This episode is kindly sponsored by Creative Ireland.